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Too Little Sunlight Can Be Just as Harmful as Too Much

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Light is incredibly important! Almost all of our bodily functions are linked to sunlight. How much vitamin D we get affects our sleep, mood, concentration, productivity, and hormone balance. So it's hugely important to understand the impact light has on us and to know how much sun is ideally needed. 

Avoiding the sun is not (that) good

On the one hand, dermatologists have been urgently warning against too much UV radiation for years because it can trigger skin cancer. But excessive sun abstinence also leads to problems: A poor supply of vitamin D is associated with health risks because there is a risk of vitamin D deficiency. Vitamin D is vital for the human body! It plays an essential role in our calcium balance and bone formation. Our body can produce the vitamin itself with the help of sunlight, absorb it through food or by taking dietary supplements. Vitamin D is an essential nutrient that the body cannot live without. Avoiding the sun is therefore by no means the right thing to do! 

How much sun is allowed?

And how much is too much? Regardless of the health benefits, most people enjoy spending time in the sun. Whether sunbathing is as good for their skin as it is for their good mood depends on whether they sunbathe according to their skin type.

Lighter skin

Those who have a lot of freckles, with reddish hair and green or blue eyes tend to get sunburned quickly. They should go out in the sun for a maximum of ten minutes without sunscreen.

Fair skin

Those people that rarely shows freckles, with blond or light brown hair and blue eyes, their sunburn risk is high and getting tan is more difficult. It is better not to stay in the sun for more than 20 minutes.

Fair bronzed skin

People with this skin type are usually those without freckles, with dark blond or brown hair, and eyes that are brown or dark blue/dark green rarely get sunburned and if they do, it is not particularly severe. Their skin has the ability to self-protect for up to 30 minutes.

Olive skin

People with tanned, olive skin, no freckles, dark brown or even black hair and also dark eyes can stay in the sun for up to 45 minutes without sunscreen. The dose makes the difference and wearing sun protection is and remains incredibly important, even for short stays in the sun and regardless of skin type, to avoid damage to the skin which is why it should be an integral part of every skincare routine for 365 days a year!

How to repair sun-damaged skin?

By the time your skin turns red, most of the damage has already been done and your skin needs some first aid! Wet compresses with vinegar water can help because vinegar constricts the blood vessels and soothes the inflammation. Chamomile tea compresses can soothe the skin, whereas yogurt extracts heat from the skin and provides some cooling. After-sun lotions with aloe vera, which provide effective moisturization, and skin care products with witch hazel can also help as they reduce redness and inflammation. Sun damage such as dark spots and sun-induced wrinkles cannot be completely eliminated, but it can be visibly reduced. In addition to a healthy lifestyle, avoiding excessive UV radiation and using sunscreen, a good anti-aging and anti-sun damage skincare routine is essential. When choosing your skincare products, look for selected ingredients that support skin tone while reducing the signs of aging. Among the effective anti-aging ingredients are collagen, vitamin C, seaweed extract, hyaluronic acid and retinol.



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Anna P 24/02/2023

Thank you for sharing this! Sun phobia is harmful to mental health, we definitely need to get out and about in the sun albeit with protection for prolonged periods of time. However, popping down to the shop round the corner without slathering on spf 50 won't do any significant damage


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