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Say 'Goodbye to acne' - Swedish style!

Female model reflected in the mirror treating her face with FOREO ESPADA 2 plus acne treatment device

Acne is one of the most common skin problems in the world. With countless products on the market claiming clear skin, many of them are harsh and can cause more damage than good. For years people have been inundated with skincare routines that require multiple products with the promise of a flawless complexion, only to be left disappointed. But what if there was a routine that could take care of all your skin problems? FOREO’s Swedish Acne Treatment Routine is a user-friendly system backed by clinical trials of their hero products in only 3 steps, starting with LUNA™ 4 for cleansing,  ESPADA™ Blemish Solution + ESPADA™ 2 plus to treat the pimples.   All Swedish beauty routines by FOREO are focused on functionality and results over the number of products used - aiming for a holistic approach based simply on what works. They are non-invasive and gentle toward the skin whilst still providing salon-like results.

Cleansing with LUNA™ 4

For the perfect base, FOREO highlights the importance of cleansing. LUNA™ 4 is designed to give you a deep in-pore cleanse and removes 99% of dirt, oil and makeup residue. LUNA™ 4 offers the most personalised cleansing experience available by providing gentle and deep cleansing modes and 16 intensities to choose from.

ESPADA™ 2 plus and ESPADA BHA+PHA Blemish Solution

Step two begins with ESPADA BHA+PHA Blemish Solution, which is FOREO’s blemish solution designed to be activated with blue LED light and T-Sonic™ pulsations. Formulated with a potent dose of 2% Salicylic Acid and Witch Hazel, it effectively unclogs pores and gently exfoliates. Active inflammation is tackled by Niacinamide and Tea Tree Oil to quickly shrink blemish size, visibly fade imperfections, help reduce redness and irritation as well as minimize future breakouts. The on-spot ESPADA™ gel also comes packed with Panthenol and Lactobionic Acid to soothe and hydrate the treated area, preventing over-drying and unsightly peeling as they erase the blemish. The final and crucial step that makes this acne treatment unique and differentiates FOREO from other brands, involves ESPADA™ 2 plus, FDA-cleared medical device that utilizes ultra-concentrated blue LED light and T-Sonic™ pulsations to penetrate deep into the skin, targeting and destroying acne-causing bacteria. By boosting microcirculation, the device increases oxygen and nutrient supply to the affected area, promoting faster skin renewal and accelerating the healing process. With its clinically proven efficacy,  ESPADA™ 2 plus provides a cutting-edge solution for acne-prone skin.



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Karla 29/05/2023

The Espada really helps. My skin has gotten much better since using it

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erika 31/05/2023

In reply to by Karla


Hi Karla,

Amazing to hear you are happy with our ESPADA™! It will take your skincare to a whole another level, we are sure you will love the long-term results.

Keep that skin glowing <3


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