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How to Survive Puberty With Good Mood and Clear Skin

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From the moment we first glance at the world, our lives are affected by hormones. Being in balance, we don't even know about their impact but their deviation can shuffle the cards. So when to expect a hormonal surge, which could be both confusing and unpleasant? Above all, in periods that are full of changes: for example during puberty... What changes to prepare for and how to deal with them? 

Natural development

Around the age of ten to twelve, one of the most important phases of life reaches its peak: from a child, we become a young adults. Physical maturation is accompanied by reaching the adult state of bone, muscle, and fat tissue development, and body organs also stop growing. The ovaries and testes mature and other sexual characteristics develop, such as hair growth. All this is due to the hormones that are just waking up in the young body. These are mainly estrogens and androgens, which have a significant effect on our body and mind.

Skin as a hostage

Puberty manifests itself most clearly on the skin. On the one hand, there is estrogen, which benefits it to a certain extent: it makes it nice and smooth since estrogen promotes the production of collagen and elastin, accelerates healing, and helps the skin retain water. On the other hand, there is testosterone, which could be compared to a troubled teenager. Its increased level expands the sebaceous glands, which then secrete more sebum, causing clogged pores and acne. The skin becomes oily and shiny. The only solution to alleviate the situation at least a little is to regularly deep cleanse the skin so that the pores are as relaxed as possible and inflamed pimples do not form. Special cosmetics with substances with anti-inflammatory and astringent effects can be helpful: such as witch hazel, tea tree, salicylic and azelaic acid, benzoyl peroxide or retinoids.

Psychics also get busy

However, hormones affect more than just the appearance of inflamed pimples and oily skin. It also has a strong effect on the psyche. Mood swings are not uncommon during adolescence, and sometimes they can be really hard to deal with. Even a teenager acts intuitively without understanding why he or she feels the way and cannot cope with it. The problem, in this case, is the hormone THP, and interestingly, it is a substance whose purpose is normally to calm you down. In children and adults, this hormone is produced as a response to stress and helps to cope with anxiety states. During adolescence, however, it changes its activity, and on the contrary, the experience of stress worsens. So unfair! How to deal with this? If you do not want to start hormonal treatment, which is out of the question in the case of a teenage body, all you have to do is wait until the turbulent period is over. However, tolerance on both the parents and the child‘s side is crucial and open communication is the secret key.

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