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Top 9 Nail Trends That Will Dominate 2024

Female hands showing freshly manicured pearly pink nails

From quiet luxury to Barbie-core, 2023 was the year that thrived on trends. The push and pull of various “cores” and styles affected our outfit choices, makeup, hair, and nails. Is that a bad thing? What is fashion, anyway? And what does 2024 have in store for us and our fingertips?  

Passion for Fashion

Is fashion just overrated pieces of cotton and plastic? Not if you put your heart into it. And don’t worry; fashion is more than just clothes and accessories. From makeup, hairstyles, and nail art to piercings and tattoos, fashion can be literally anything you choose to wear or adorn as a means of self-expression. Isn’t that beautiful?  

Trendy & Thriving

Spoiler alert: the trend craze isn’t going anywhere. Propelled to new heights by social media and the internet, trends are here to stay and slay. And that might be a good thing. If we let them, trends can encourage us to step out of our comfort zones, get creative, and experiment. They can be the catalyst that inspires us to discover new things about ourselves and evolve our personal style along the way. All of us deserve to discover the coastal grandma within. 


However, following trends blindly can do more harm than good. If we take them too seriously, this fun source of inspiration and experimentation can turn sour quickly and become restricting and soul-draining. Moreover, trends can be fleeting — filling us with FOMO and leaving our wallets empty. So, when it comes to trends, just like with most things in life, balance is key.  

Nailing it in 2024

Last year was a big year for nails. Huge. Press-ons made an epic comeback and are still reshaping cuticle culture. Saweetie’s claws ended up in the Grammy Museum, while Hailey Bieber’s glazed donut nails broke the internet. But you don’t have to be a Bieber to spice up your nail designs this year — we have the inspo and the scoop on the top 9 nail trends of 2024:  

1. Chrome

Chrome nails skyrocketed in popularity in 2023., and they aren’t planning on slowing down anytime soon. It’s a magical metallic powder that you have to rub into the nail polish to get that perfect sheen. But the real chrome-lovers know that you can use magnets to experiment with the metallic color and shine. And this year chrome nail art will only get more creative — shiny, bold, and unapologetic is the theme, and these nails bring the heat. Don’t be shy to try it out because the future is at your fingertips. Literally. 

Hands with freshly manicured nails in chrome nail trend

2. Monochrome

If you’re looking for a completely different vibe, don’t worry, 2024. has you and your tips covered. Using just one nail color might sound boring, but quite the contrary — monochrome nails are like a power move for your fingers because they say a lot using very little. They don’t determine a vibe, but a whole mood. So, pick a color and let your nails do the talking. A female hand above the water with light blue long manicured nails

3. Girly & Pearly

Some call it ballet-core, some coquette-core, while others insist they’re inspired by the notorious glazed donut nails. No matter what you wanna call them, they are here to slay. From milky French manicures to nail gems and pearls, these nails are dreamy, feminine, pearlescent, and all about that opulent touch.  

4. Aura Nails

If it looks like magic, if it feels like magic - it has to be magic, right? Welcome to the year of the airbrush. It’s time to enjoy ethereal vibes and gradients that rival the prettiest of sunsets. And it’s the best nail hack there is. Want a solid color with a twist? Airbrush your auras. Want a pop of color, but like, in a classy way? Airbrush your auras. Not sure what kind of nail art you want? Start by airbrushing your auras. The moral of the story is — when in doubt, airbrush your auras.  

5. Duck Nails

Nails come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, but duck nails deserve a special spot on the list. No other nail shape or trend caused that much controversy when it debuted online. But you know what they say: all publicity is good, so the backlash launched these intricate and peculiar shapes into stardom. (Literally, since celebs have been wearing them too.)  

6. The French Connection

French tips are a classic for a reason. But 2024 is about to make some unexpected twists at the tips. This year, when you’re in the mood for a fresh French manicure, remember that you can make it even fresher with a pop of color or a rebellious detail. French tips just got a whole lot edgier.  Manicured hand - transparent nails with pink and white details

7. 3D Nail Art

In 2024, we're not just painting; we're sculpting, and it's all about that extra dimension. Turn your fingertips into a mini art gallery where you're the curator. Choose textures, shapes, and designs that speak to you, and you'll end up with nails that demand the kind of attention you deserve.  

8. Glossy Flossy Nails

Some say the nail gloss trend is an adaptation of the Korean jelly nails; others claim it’s a revamp of a similar nail trend from the 90s. Either way, when these nails catch light, they shine in next-level glam. Subtle enough to pair themselves with the clean-girl aesthetic, but interesting enough to steal the spotlight — these just might be the nails of the year.  

9. Peach Fuzz

Pantone's color of the year is destined to end up on our nails at some point in 2024. The great news is that it will quench our thirst for neutrals - the nail trend that's never out-of-season. Whether you gravitate towards the soft allure of pastels or the avant-garde appeal of abstract geometrics, it's time to express yourself and embrace the only nail trend that always reigns supreme — healthy nails. 


So before exploring your individuality and indulging in 2024. 's nail trends, make sure your nails are healthy, prepped, and ready to take them on. Happy cuticles to all!



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Agnes 22/01/2024

These are so wonderful, I am definitely inspired for my next appointment with my nail tech! She loves to experiment and the results are stunning, always. A chrome peachy combo on coffin nails would be amazing this time around. Thanks so much ✨

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dora 22/01/2024

In reply to by Agnes


Dear Agnes,
Thank you for sharing your inspo!
We are glad to inspire you, keep reading for more fun information! :)
Kind regards <3


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