Ready for a close encounter of the beautiful kind?

Just in time for National Alien Day (April 26th), FOREO is  celebrating a spectrum of skin types with a diverse array of cutting-edge facial brushes and beauty gadgets to help every skin type glow – even an alien’s. The bright sparks at FOREO Institute devised a skincare regimen for five of the world’s favorite aliens. Forget conspiracy theories; it’s time to discover the FOREO compleXion Files.

 Name: E.T.

 Age: 10,000,000 +

 Skin Dilemma: Deep-set wrinkles around the eyes

 Skin Saver: IRIS Illuminating Eye Massager

Aside from his curiously glowing finger and elongated   neck, ET’s most striking feature would have to be his   mesmerizing blue eyes. But despite a youthful   demeanor, the likable alien presents visible signs of   aging, particularly around the eyes. The   extraterrestrial’s  under-eye puffiness may be a   symptom  of lymph fluid pooling on the face – a common   feature of aging. IRIS uses T-Sonic™ technology to   mimic traditional finger tapping massage which   facilitates lymphatic drainage, thereby diminishing   under-eye bags; in fact, 43% of users noticed a reduction   in fine lines and crow’s feet after using IRIS.


“Better lymphatic drainage may reduce E.T’s under-eye puffiness, a telltale symptom of aging.”

 Name: The Blob

 Age: Unknown

 Skin Dilemma: Angry, pulsating red pimple

 Skin Saver: ESPADA Blue Light Acne Treatment

There’s never a good time for a breakout, and   persistent pimples can seriously undermine self-   confidence. In The Blob’s case, a poor, human-heavy   diet appears to be contributing to a constantly   growing, angry-looking zit that shows little sign of   subsiding. Fortunately, help is at hand: by packaging   dermatologist-level phototherapy into an at-home   device, ESPADA is a powerful weapon in the fight   against acne. It combines T-Sonic™ pulsations with   blue LED light to eliminate breakout-causing bacteria   at its source. Unlike The Blob itself, ESPADA is completely non-invasive.


“The Blob’s inflamed, pimple-prone skin would benefit from a targeted acne treatment to eliminate bacteria at its source.”

 Name: Yoda

 Age: 900

 Skin Dilemma: Wrinkles and fine lines

 Skin Saver: LUNA go Compact Facial Brush & Anti-   Aging Device

As we age, the body produces less of the proteins   collagen and elastin. The first is associated with   strengthening the skin, while the latter is linked to its   natural elasticity. As a result, once taut skin struggles   to ‘snap back’ into shape, meaning that any existing fine lines set into wrinkles. Yoda’s extensive wrinkles   – particularly around the mouth area – could be   diminished with a twice-daily, one-minute treatment.   The tiny but mighty LUNA go facial brush would best   fit the senior’s smaller-sized hands, and features a   ridged anti-aging surface which directs low frequency   T-Sonic™ pulsations through the skin, smoothing out wrinkles and lines.


“Although a natural sign of aging, Yoda’s wrinkles are nonetheless pronounced. Regular T-Sonic™ massage may help lessen the Jedi Master’s prominent lines, likely caused by repeated facial expressions.”

 Name: Mystique

 Age: Older than she looks

 Skin Dilemma: Fluctuating skin demands, on-the-   go   lifestyle

 Skin Saver: UFO with UFO-Activated Masks

Because all that shape-shifting makes her busier   than your average mutant, Mystique’s skincare   routine needs to be as efficient as it is effective. UFO   is the world’s most advanced smart mask, delivering   spa-worthy treatments in just 90 seconds thanks to   six state-of-the-art technologies. A warming   thermotherapy function softens skin, boosting   absorption of specially developed UFO-activated   masks. Full spectrum LED lights (red, green and   blue) offer a range of benefits: as well as perfectly   complementing Mystique’s striking azure   complexion, the blue light tackles acne-causing bacteria while stimulating blood circulation. T-Sonic™ pulsations further enhance mask absorption, and a cooling cryotherapy function firms skin, reducing the appearance of pores. All that in just 90 seconds, UFO is ideal for maintaining glow on the go.

“FOREO firmly believes that there are better ways to spend 20 minutes than with a cold, slimy sheet mask plastered to our face. UFO delivers a full spectrum of skin treatments in just 90 seconds for a smarter solution and visible results.

 Name: Jabba the Hutt

 Age: 600

 Skin Dilemma: Greasy skin with a hard-to-shift   sheen

 Skin Saver: LUNA 2 for Oily Skin Personalized   Facial Cleansing Brush & Anti-Aging Device

In every single one of us, skin produces oil to help   keep maintain moisture. However, factors spanning   genetic to hormonal may cause the sebaceous glands   to produce too much oil, which can result in   breakouts, and a persistent oily sheen. Available in   four unique models depending on skin type, the   teal-  colored LUNA 2 for Oily Skin features thicker   bristles to better combat the pore-clogging oil that   characterizes Jabba’s waxy complexion. Bacteria-   resistant thanks to its super soft, medical grade   silicone coating, LUNA 2 is an impressive 35X more   hygienic than standard nylon cleansing brushes.


“Oily skin, often linked to larger, more noticeable pores, can result in frequent breakouts. In addition to a healthy diet, keep oily skin in check with a consistent, tailored cleansing routine.”