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It's No Bra Day: At Home Natural Boob Lift Exercises & Treatments

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It's time to unleash your two breast friends. In honor of No Bra Day, we’re here to show you how to live your best life (or breast life... last time, I swear). We know that the idea of "free boobing" it can be daunting, especially if you’re used to always having your boobs nicely supported and shaped by your favorite Victoria’s Secret push up bra. But we’re here to show you how you can easily ditch the bra once and for all!  You might get some reproving remarks, but hey… Rachel Green saying "no uterus, no opinion" When it comes to boobs, making sure your breasts are healthy is super important, but you also wouldn't mind if they looked a bit better either. Now, you might think your only options for getting firmer and more lifted boobs are invasive and costly procedures, but that's not entirely true; there are ways you can get your boobs looking way better straight from the comfort of your own home. Check out these two super simple techniques to get your boobs in tip top shape.

Home Remedies To Keep Your Boobs Happy

Ice, Ice, Baby Take a few ice cubes and massage them around your breast in circular motions. This might not be the most comfortable experience but it’s said to work wonders in toning and firming up your boobs.  A Massage A Day Keeps The Plastic Surgeon Away? Or Something Like That Another way to firm your breasts is by massaging them (however much you want to be honest, but once a week is ideal). You can use aloe vera gel or olive oil to give you a smoother surface. Goodbye saggy breasts, hello perky ladies.    Now, if you are willing to go the extra mile, you can totally get the boobs of your dreams through exercising! Okay, maybe not the boobs of your DREAMS, but you can do some pretty great things for the boobs you already have. Exercises that target your chest muscles can give your boobs a much tighter and more lifted appearance. Voila! An all natural breast lift.

Best Exercises For Your Boobs!

Chest workouts to firm and lift breasts   Of course, you shouldn't expect to see immediate results - If you want to see your boobs perk up you're definitely going to have to invest a lot of time and effort into your routine. But when you start to see results that would make no-bra icon Rachel Green envious, then we're sure you'll be glad you stuck with it.   Hopefully you enjoyed this cool advice for making sure your breasts are both happy and healthy! Although we totally get if you still aren't totally ready to toss out all your nice bras... but hey, baby steps!



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Diane 26/05/2022

Thanks for these exercises. I usually don't wear bra but I notice that my boobs would benefit from some exercise.....

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Malaya 26/09/2023

After not wearing bras for a few years and gaining a few pounds I notice that I’ve gotten a little saggy. Not much. But I’m not waiting for it to get worse. Thanks for the advice.

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dora 26/09/2023

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Hi dear Malaya,

Thank you for your comment!

Glad to hear you will try our little tricks! Keep reading there are more bits of advice to come.. ;)


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