Skincare on-the-go

Scurrying your way through a rush hour commute leaves little time to the imagination. Thankfully, every beauty-loving commuter isn’t entirely hopeless, because there are a ton of ways to speed up your morning routine to make the most of it.

Whether your in the carpool lane, catching the metro or just plain running late, we’ve rounded up the top beauty hacks for your morning commute.


1. Travel With Lightweight Skincare Products

Taking public transportation in the warmer months usually means unwanted amounts of air-conditioning on full blast. As much as you’ll want to layer your skincare in the morning, it’s best to keep your products to a minimum and only use products that can be absorbed quickly and that aren’t sticky. Before you rush out the door in the morning, apply some alcohol-free toner and cleanser to your skin. If you don’t have time to do your makeup, you can always apply a quick moisturizer and lightweight sunscreen on-the-go as it doesn’t require as much effort to apply and will leave your skin looking flawless.


2. Apply Dry Shampoo in the Evening

You’ve heard it once, you’ve probably heard it a million times and we are here to tell you once more. DRY SHAMPOO IS LIFE CHANGING. If you don’t have time to give your hair a rinse every morning, apply dry shampoo the night before in order to allow it to set in place. When you wake up, your locks will be prepped and ready to go – leaving you that much more time to catch up on your favorite murder podcast on the train.


3. Set Your Brows in Place

Whether it’s at home or when you hit the road, make sure to use a waterproof or long wearing brow gel or pomade on days when you want to keep your eyebrows looking good all day long. This way, the heat of summer won’t melt away your brows by the time you arrive at work.


4. Make Yourself a DIY Mascara Shield

When applying mascara on public transport or in the back of an uber, things can get bumpy! If you’re in a rush and don’t want to smear your freshly applied mascara all over your eyelid, simply hold a credit card or ID against your upper lash line to help minimize the amount of mascara remnants that you get on your eye.


5. Use Efficient Beauty-Tech

Make your morning dash out the door quick and easy with the help of LUNA 2, in 1 short minute you can completely cleanse your skin so it’s the perfect palette for your makeup. For those who miss their alarm clock, there’s ISSA mini 2 sensitive, an ultra-hygienic toothbrush that you can take anywhere with you, even the office, without worrying about all the germs.