Unsure which kind is right for you? Arm yourself with the facts, and get ready to glow!

For a long time, facial brushes meant just that: a very literal brush, complete with nylon bristles to scrub skin clean. Their very conventional approach to skin care – brush, buff, polish – makes them an instinctive option for some. But recent years have seen the tables turn, with beauty aficionados seeking a gentler approach to caring for skin, all the while effectively and efficiently shifting dirt and grime.

Torn between a traditional facial brush or a next generation model from FOREO? Here’s what you need to know.

Material Concerns

Across the entire range, everything from LUNAs’ ergonomic grip through to its super-soft touchpoints are made from medical-grade silicone. Nonporous and naturally resistant to bacterial buildup, the material makes for a reassuringly hygienic choice, making it 35% more hygienic than nylon facial brushes. Softer and gentler than nylon bristles, it’s also significantly easier to keep clean!


Portability – and the Clutter Factor!

The LUNA range by FOREO calls for no bulky charging devices or docks. Instead, all rechargeable models come with a USB charger for plugging in on the go. But FOREO’s real strength isn’t how LUNAs are charged, but the duration of that charge. LUNA mini 2, for example, promises up to 300 one-minute uses per full charge, greatly exceeding the standard brushes on the market that offer paltry 20 minutes of usage.

That makes FOREO a great choice for frequent flyers, jet-setters – and anyone who appreciates a cable- and clutter-free bathroom counter!

Suitable for Your Skin Type?

Most facial brushes on the market include customized devices for specific skin types. In the case of FOREO, the tiny but punchy LUNA go, as well as the signature LUNA 2, can be customized to your specific skin type, be it oily, combination, normal or sensitive.

For models like the LUNA mini 2, eight variable intensities, a unique three-zone brush, and of course, those ultra-soft silicone touchpoints, result in a brush that is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive. Offering outstanding cleaning power, this FOREO favorite shifts an impressive 99.5% of oil and dirt, including makeup residue!

Value for Money

Let’s face it: any kind of facial brush is an investment, but it’s important to remember that some represent significantly better value than others! The FOREO range accommodates a spectrum of budgets, including the teeny-tiny, non-rechargeable LUNA play, specifically designed as an introduction to the brand, without breaking the bank!

Brush heads are where FOREO’s edge over the altogether costlier nylon brushes really comes into own. Because all LUNAs are made of durable yet gentle silicone, there’s no need to replace the brush head – ever! Compare to nylon-based facial brushes, whose brushes need to be replaced every three months at an eye-watering $27 – $32 a time, and suddenly that ‘investment’ in clearer skin feels more like daylight robbery…

Final Thoughts

FOREO 1 – Nylon Brushes 0. Heck, even Justin Bieber agrees!