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For Every ESPADA You Buy, We'll Give You One Free of Charge

For every ESPADA blue LED light device you buy, FOREO will give you another one free of charge as a perfect gift for someone you love. So, let’s make you and your dearest friend feel good in your own skin. 

Acne is more than a skin disease

Acne isn’t just a skin condition. It affects your self-esteem, confidence, mood, and mental health. Namely, people who got diagnosed with acne develop a bigger risk for developing a major depressive disorder. If you are lucky enough you don’t have to fight acne on daily basis, but you have a dear friend who struggles with one of the most prevalent disease worldwide that affect more than 650 million people, you can still make happy both of you. Namely, if you buy one ESPADA, you’ll get another one for free! Or, to be clear, just like your and your friend’s skin soon will be clear: you’ll get two ESPADAs for $149. And here’s why you should purchase it. ESPADA FOREO acne

ESPADA will show how beautiful you already are

First of all, you should feel good in your own skin. You need to know that acne can’t define who you really are and FOREO’s ESPADA is here just as a kindly reminder. ESPADA is made to give you (and your friend, of course) the most beautiful asset of all - your self-confidence. Thanks to ESPADA, you’ll love the skin you’re in. ESPADA is FOREO’s top-selling LED light device and you probably know that happiness only grows when shared. Luckily, this amazing 1+1 offer is valid until the end of October so you have time to bring joy, happiness, and confidence (!) to someone else’s life. FOREO espada in different colors on yellow background

ESPADA prevents acne before it even happens

FOREO’s device is made out of FDA-approved medical-grade silicone, making it completely resilient to bacteria. ESPADA’s blue LED light fires LED light energy into pores to attack acne-causing bacteria. It is your strongest weapon against acne, your magic wand that will prevent pimples before they even happen. So, have you decided who is your friend you will make happy? ESPADA is definitely something everyone will be happy about.




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Abbz 22/10/2021

Love it! For even better girls' nights in with my best friend

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carly 22/10/2021

In reply to by Abbz


Hi! Thanks for sharing! Glad to hear you and your best friend will be having pampering nights with our ESPADA™ devices! We are sure you will love them!

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Jessica Lively 27/10/2021

Espada is such an interesting device!! I'm really curious to find out how it works. I'm so tempted to buy it!!!


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