Celebrating International Women’s Day with FOREO

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FOREO sends hundreds of devices across the world to say thank you to women for making the world a more beautiful place.

The Swedish beauty-tech company celebrated International Women’s Day by giving women around the world a platform to share beautiful and intimate stories about the inspirational women in their lives. It all started with a simple question – if you could make the world a more beautiful place, would you?

Over 15,000 women took to social media to share emotional and inspiring stories that touched on happiness, inspiration, strength and guidance. FOREO then said thank you to the nominated women by gifting LUNA mini 2 devices to the most heartfelt and creative narratives.

Throughout the week-long campaign, women shared truly inspiring stories that firmly placed the power of female relationships front and center on International Women’s Day:




To read the stories for yourself follow #PayItForwardWithFOREO on Instagram and to keep ahead of all FOREO initiatives please follow @foreo on Instagram or sign up to FOREO’s newsletter at www.foreo.com.

Most importantly – don’t forget to thank the wonderful women in your own life, not just on International Women’s Day but every day!


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