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TESLA Of Skincare - Swedish skin-tech powerhouse FOREO is No1 skincare tool on the planet

After closing 2020 with an almighty army of over 20 million customers, Swedish innovative beauty-tech pioneer FOREO champions TikTok claiming staggering 160,200,000 views. With 2 billion downloads and reaching 689 million users seemingly overnight, TikTok is the fastest growing social media network ever. The app users’ seal of approval has become the “make or break” of the beauty industry. as the skinthusiasts flock to their favorite TikTok influencers for the revelation of “the next big thing”. These users are tech-savvy, innovation hungry millennials who know what they want and what they want right now is - FOREO, placing the brand at the number 1 most viewed skincare tool on TikTok globally.

Pioneers breaking molds and defying currents

The TikTok tribe has spoken yet the article in Daily Express (UK) states “I think this device is nice to have but not essential.”, referring to the fact that FOREO devices are priced at the higher end in comparison to, say, gua sha as a cheaper alternative.
While we can agree that you certainly don’t need a Tesla, one cannot argue Model 3’s premium quality, cutting edge technology and sexy sleek design. Any car will get you from point A to point B, but for FOREO and other innovators out there, breaking molds and defying currents in their respective industries, it’s about the amazing journey just as much as it is about the destination. Throw in the mix a rechargeable energy source and insane product durability and what you get is a TESLA of skincare, the best of the best. Another thing in common, both brands are driving the entire industry category. Massively, explains Boris Trupcevic, FOREO CEO.
He continues:
One can argue that our products are not a must-have for a solid skincare regimen, but if you can get them, you will feel and see the difference and we promise you will enjoy the journey as well as appreciate the destination with your skin looking fresh and rejuvenated within minutes. Whoever tried - was immediately convinced.

FOREO, a synonym for “skincare tool”

FOREO created a series of groundbreaking products that not only revolutionized the world of beauty, but also propelled the beauty-tech category itself. The very name FOREO is becoming a synonym for a ‘skincare tool’ - that speaks volumes. What was already a known fact among the beauty industry experts is now confirmed and supported by 160,200,000 TikTok hashtag views globally. Founded by the visionary Filip Sedic, FOREO has been disrupting and reshaping the beauty industry landscape for the past 8 years. This premium brand is best known for its three hero products: LUNA 3, UFO 2 and BEAR, cute but powerful handheld devices that pack some serious punch delivering a full supercharged facial in only 6 minutes. Celebrity loved, LUNA 3, the world’s softest and cleanest silicone facial brush, provides deep yet gentle cleanse making sure your skin barrier remains healthy and intact. Combined with UFO 2, an award-winning full turbocharged facial champion and BEAR, the microcurrent facial toning device, your skin is left looking youthful and radiant within minutes. The scientific team at the FOREO Institute is already working on the next big thing, making sure “the thing” is again very unique in its functionality, great quality, durability and benefits it provides.  Recent company research shows that FOREO products still function flawlessly even after 8 years of use and still look as beautiful and clean as the new ones, with insane battery life. This means that not only will these smart skin-tech tools save you time, but also money as this long term investment in your wellbeing will make expensive monthly visits to the spa and clinics obsolete and serve you perfectly for many years to come. 

The most electrifying full supercharged skincare experience 

FOREO combines the best of science and nature to replicate professional supercharged skincare experiences, and place the future of beauty-tech in your own hands in the comfort of your home. Simple to use, these self-operated skin-tech products turn skincare routine into selfcare indulgence, giving you a moment of mindfulness and creating a well-rounded 360 immersive experience while delivering premium results and making sure you enjoy the ride. 
FOREO’s goal has simply been to make a noticeable difference in people’s everyday lives, with real innovation, in often overlooked areas rather than simply chasing any hype and somewhere along the way our very own TESLA was born. explains Trupcevic. 
Interestingly enough, FOREO actually takes the benefits of all the other tools ranked in ‘the most viewed skincare tools on TikTok’ list and packs them in three super cute, but powerful devices, compact in their design and unparalleled in their innovative technology, quality and durability and creates a personalized full supercharged facial in only few minutes making  FOREO an absolute skincare champion that will put you behind the wheel of the most electrifying full supercharged skincare experience ever!



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Sonia Khatri 19/05/2021

Congratulations on this amazing milestone. May your brand reach pinnacles. Aaameen.

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Whatsapp Statu… 31/05/2021

Thanks for sharing such wonderful stuff. Keep sharing and keep up the good work.

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