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Face to Face: Comparing UFO™ vs UFO™ 2

Two otherworldly beauty-tech devices go head to head. Did you know that UFO stands for “Ur Future Obsession”? That is to say that all of FOREO’s UFO™ devices will change your skincare routine forever. Both UFO™ and UFO™ 2 (and their mini counterparts) use out-of-this-world technology to deliver more efficient facial treatments faster than ever before. This means that they work like iron for your wrinkles by increasing skin moisture immediately - with long-lasting results. They directly combat the results of skin losing moisture and suppleness as you age with pampering mask treatments that heat and cool your skin (and a couple of other aces up their sleeve). But what sets UFO™ 2 apart from its predecessor? Let’s go through the similarities and key differences.   Hands holding three FOREO UFO devices: in pearl pink, fuchsia, and arctic blue



Full Spectrum LED Light Therapy

The OG UFO™ device brought something truly life-changing into skincare. It incorporated LED Light Technology into an at-home device - that way, you get the best that beauty tech has to offer, all from the comfort of your home. The second generation, UFO™ 2, followed in its footsteps, featuring 8 different LED lights, each of them with its individual qualities. For example, red LED light promotes collagen production and thus minimizes the look of wrinkles, blue LED light helps with acne, and green LED light can even skin tone (especially helpful for those with rosacea) etc. With both devices, each LED light has been paired with different UFO Activated Masks according to its unique skincare benefits- as an example H2Overdose mask pairs with red LED and heating for maximum penetration of the product into the skin and green LED to even the skin tone. FOREO UFO mask device with changing ledled lights

Gentle T-Sonic™ pulsations

Both UFO™ and UFO™ 2 use T-Sonic™ massage - FOREO’s signature technology designed to help relax facial and neck muscle tension points, increase microcirculation, and thus smooth the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, reduce puffiness and dark circles, and overall boost your skin’s radiance.   



While both devices use warming Thermo-therapy and cooling Cryo-therapy, UFO™ 2 devices have been re-engineered with ultra-fast Thermo-therapy and Cryo-therapy to offer a more efficient and effective masking experience than ever before. Thermo-Therapy uses gentle heat to offer the most luxurious power mask treatment possible. Heating to the perfect temperature for your skin, Thermo-Therapy helps soften and prep skin to absorb the full benefits of infusing mask ingredients. Adding heat to any skincare treatment also helps boost the skin’s radiance by loosening sebum on the surface of the skin. UFO™ 2 features heating at 45℃ for maximum effectiveness and comfort, delivering heat to skin 5x faster than its predecessor. 


Cryo-Therapy is the use of extremely low temperatures to treat skin conditions, amongst other things. Often referred to as an instant youth solution, this technique is a safe and painless way to help skin appear more lifted and firm. The tried-and-true anti-inflammatory method in any beauty routine, Cryo-Therapy helps to shrink the appearance of pores while reducing puffiness. Featured in UFO™ 2, Cryo-Therapy instantly cools to give skin a more lifted and firmer appearance, helps shrink the appearance of pores while reducing puffiness, and features cooling at 5℃ for maximum effectiveness and comfort.

The More (benefits), The Merrier

UFO™ 2 also features advanced temperature control, allowing you to adjust the temperature of your Thermo- and Cryo-Therapy treatments to your personal preference. As a result, you can use UFO™ 2 with most sheet masks. Please note that heat and cold affect different skincare products and can compromise the ingredients in the formulas. For optimal safety, we strongly recommend researching the effects of temperature on any non-FOREO mask before enhancing it with UFO™ 2.    A female model holding FOREO UFO device in arctic blue color pressed to her faceIn addition, The FOREO For You App is here to provide the ultimate user-friendly experience. Use the app to unlock the full potential of UFO™ 2, access treatment routines for each UFO Activated mask, control and adjust the intensity of settings, and create customized supercharged facial treatments. You can even order masks via the app or use the “Find My UFO™ 2” feature if you ever misplace your beloved device. Skincare smarter and reap all the benefits!   While each new generation of FOREO products comes with added or improved technologies to offer a level of customization as never seen before - we love them all the same. We want to hear from you. Which one is your favorite? Have you tried them before? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments!  

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MYSA user avatar
Chris 05/04/2021

Any foreo mask incompatibility for FOREO UFO 2 Device and FOREO UFO mini 2 Device?

MYSA user avatar
carly 07/04/2021

In reply to by Chris


Hi Chris! Please note that our UFO and UFO 2 are compatible to all of our UFO-activated masks. UFO mini 2 isn't compatible with the masks that use cryotherapy.

MYSA user avatar
Andrea 21/07/2023

Hello, what are the exact wavelengths of the red and blue light on the UFO 2? I read that it’s 629nm for red. Is that true?

MYSA user avatar
Kim 11/10/2023

Can you use UFO if you have a pacemaker?

MYSA user avatar
dora 12/10/2023

In reply to by Kim


Hello Kim,

You can use UFO if you have pacemaker it is safe :)


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