It’s not news that the glory days of sophisticated air travel are behind us. From shrinking seats to food of such poor quality that it’s become too clichéd to even comment on, the average traveler is resigned to hoping they reach their destination in one piece, never mind hopping off the plane relaxed and ready for an exotic getaway.

Even those able to indulge in the modicum of comfort afforded by business class will fall prey to one of the most taxing aspects of flying – dry skin and so-called ‘airplane acne.’  So, what is a jetsetter to do?

Unlike your air-traveled skin, it’s clear: airplanes need a serious makeover.

FOREO INSTITUTE, the Swedish beauty company’s think-tank, says they are working on an ambitious solution that will revolutionize the standards of air travel, and FOREO fans will be the first lucky testers – the AEROFOREO plane.

The company revealed that they will be launching a re-designed fleet of Airbus 380s that will address the main issues of air travel that negatively affect your complexion: high altitude and low humidity.

Planes are pressurized to control the effects of climbing altitudes, yet they still mimic the effect of mountain climbing to heights of up to 8,000 feet which results in lower blood flow to the body, and, duller skin.

[related_article id=”348″ float=”right” target=”_blank”]Additionally, with optimal humidity for your skin resting between 40-70% and the typical humidity within a cabin being just 20%, it’s no surprise that your skin seems to dry out even on the shortest regional flights. This extreme dryness can cause many to experience oil-overproduction as a result, spelling disaster for long-haul or frequent flyers.

More than simply adding humidifiers, the AEROFOREO fleet will feature a comprehensive overhaul of both cabin design and services to offer a flight experience that will actually revitalize passengers during their trip, from offering revolutionary beauty treatments on board to providing better seating and care specialists who will ensure every passenger regularly performs targeted exercises to prevent any fluid retention or cause blood clots.

Testing is still ongoing— including, we’re told, a superfood meal options that will help you stay energized and rested during your flight—and the maiden AEROFOREO voyage is projected for 3 years’ time.  FOREO is actively seeking more of its loyal customers to help with testing, so those looking to get their hands on a boarding pass should contact to apply!