Heads up! Top FOREO Black Friday Beauty Deals 2020

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With these FOREO beauty deals, you can pamper yourself like crazy and get professional-level results from the comfort of your home.

Life can get hard enough as it is. So just relax. Take it easy. Escape stress. And stop making excuses. No excuses to skip me-time. No excuses to neglect yourself. No excuses for bad self-care. Be selfish and start putting yourself first. You deserve it. Turn this Black Friday into a luxurious self-care experience! 

And we all want to know how to find the best online shopping deals this Black Friday, so here’s a list of must-buy items at unbeatable prices!



The first generation of our UFO devices rocked the skincare world, but wait till you meet the next generation! UFO 2 comes with full-spectrum LED light therapy, upgraded tech, faster heating and cooling, and together with the iconic T-Sonic pulsations it’s built to boost the effectiveness and the ingredients of your facial treatments. Remember, with professional-level tools you get professional results. Now all from the comfort of your own home.

DISCOUNT: Up to 30% off on UFO 2


UFO mini on a grey towel with masks in the background

FOREO: UFO mini 2

With 5 more LED light therapy colors than the first-generation UFO mini, upgraded tech and faster heating, UFO mini 2 was made to improve your entire skincare routine! Its hyper-infusion technology drives nourishing ingredients down where they work the best – below the surface. Give your skincare a boost and try otherworldly technology now!

DISCOUNT: Up to 30% off on UFO mini 2

BUY UFO mini 2

FOREO's LUNA 3 in 3 colours


Another day another killer facial cleansing device. Up your skincare game by incorporating the absolute latest in facial cleansing technology: LUNA 3. With longer and way softer bristles, this is the device you want to get your skin on a whole other level, glowing like you’ve never seen it before.

DISCOUNT: Up to 20% off LUNA 3


Black Friday Beauty Deals: UFO and UFO-Activated Masks

FOREO: UFO Smart Mask Treatment

Face masks do wonders for your skin, leaving it softer, smoother and more radiant, but we don’t always have the extra time to set aside each day. With UFO – the world’s most advanced smart mask you don’t have to worry about that anymore. Jump on the fast track to flawless-looking skin and turn a 20-minute treatment into a 90-second spa-worthy facial! Moreover, this device will boost your routine by infusing all the ingredients deeper into your skin than any face mask has done before.

DISCOUNT:  Up to 35% off on UFO Smart Mask Treatment


Black Friday Beauty Deals: UFO mini


Best Black Friday beauty deal this season? Glowing, nourished skin. UFO mini completely transforms your complexion. It features all the same benefits as UFO, minus the Cryo-Therapy (aka cooling function). This means you get Thermo-Therapy and T-Sonic pulsations, plus RGB LED light therapy to give you the skin of your dreams in under two minutes.

DISCOUNT:  Up to 35% off on UFO mini

BUY UFO mini

Black Friday Beauty Deals: LUNA mini 2

FOREO: LUNA mini 2

This bestselling silicone face brushes uses gentle T-Sonic pulsations and super soft bristles to cleanse your face, which 97% of users found left their skin more deeply cleansed and softer and smoother! And the best part? It’s compact design and long battery life means you can bring it with you wherever you go. Look out for LUNA mini 2’s in aqua, fuchsia, yellow, black, and Pearl Pink this Black Friday.

DISCOUNT:  Up to 30% off on LUNA mini 2

BUY LUNA mini 2

FOREO LUNA fofo on blue and with background in pink and blue colors


Bringing personalized skincare into your hearts and into your homes — LUNA fofo! It uses advanced hypoallergenic gold sensors to analyze your skin in seconds, before syncing a customized program of approximately one minute direct to your device. The routine changes with your skin to optimize its condition and health – no matter where life takes you!

DISCOUNT: Up to 35% off on LUNA fofo



The delicate skin around your eyes requires special care and attention — and we have the perfect gadget! Our ophthalmologist approved IRIS uses T-Sonic™ technology to diminish the appearance of dark circles, bags under the eyes, and fine lines that add unwanted years to your face. For brighter, younger-looking eyes, IRIS is a must-have accessory.

DISCOUNT:  Up to 30% off on IRIS



Looking for a powerful weapon in the fight against breakouts and maskne? Take aim at your blemishes with the same powerful beam of 415 nm blue LED light used by dermatologists for professional treatments, but at a fraction of the cost. Equipped with laser-focused cross hairs and T-Sonic™ pulsations, ESPADA targets pimples, clogged pores and blackheads by firing LED light energy into pores to attack acne-causing bacteria — known as P. acnes — where it lives. ESPADA’s unique T-Sonic™ pulsations propel blue light wavelengths deeper, for an amplified effect. This noninvasive acne treatment is FDA-approved, pain-free and mess-free.

DISCOUNT:  Up to 35% off on FOREO ESPADA


Black Friday Beauty Deals: FOREO ISSA 2 Toothbruhs Color Range

FOREO: ISSA 2 & ISSA mini 2

ISSA toothbrushes are the complete oral care solution you never knew you needed. Not only do they offer a brushing experience unlike any other, but they also gently massage your gums without damaging them, and are far more hygienic than typical nylon bristle toothbrushes. Both ISSA 2 and ISSA mini 2 expertly blend improved sonic pulse technology with a combination brush head of PBT polymer and soft silicone for beaming smiles that are beyond compare.

DISCOUNT: Up to 30% off on ISSA 2 or ISSA mini 2

BUY ISSA toothbrushes


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  1. Karin says:

    Are these items actually going on sale somewhere or is this a wishful thinking article? I’m confused.

    • lane says:

      Hi Karin! These are our predicted best grabs, which we are updating as they come on sale – we’ve already found the best deal for the bareMinerals brush!

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      Dear Renata, the site is foreo.com – the Black Friday deals go live on 22nd of November. Happy hunting!

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