In this hectic world, you need to find time for yourself. If your schedule is too busy and you don’t have time for beauty salons, then turn your home into one. Having an at-home spa treatment is not just about a momentary feel-good experience. It is about taking care of both your beauty and health. 

Luckily, with a little help from the ideas below, you can bring a spa atmosphere to your home!

Spa at home will stimulate blood circulation

Living in the era of a pandemic is more than stressful. If you are one of those who don’t feel comfortable being in crowded beauty salons and spa oases, then it’s the right time to turn your home into a place of relaxation and pampering. You need that because you’ll be surprised how you are becoming able to naturally reduce tension with consistent spa treatments. Less tension means less anxiety and decreased depression side effects.

But, besides those benefits, spa treatments also stimulate blood circulation to optimize the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to your cells. It is a perfect way to be healthy and beautiful inside and out.

spa at home

Before you start your spa treatment, set the whole atmosphere with 3 simple things: lighting, music, and scent. Of course, those things are very individual. Candles or light show, etheric oils or not, calming indie music or heavy metal… It’s up to you how you’re going to arrange it because the most important thing is to create a spot that will become YOUR synonym for relaxation and stress-relief atmosphere.

Leave your phone for a while

During at-home spa treatment, it is important to take care of every inch of your being. You can start with your head. Calm your mind with a cozy cup of herbal tea, or even with a glass of fizz. It is important to be right here and right now.

Meditate! Leave your phone for a while and dedicate some time just to yourself. After you dive into that calming mood, start your spa treatment by treating your hair. Put on some deep-conditioning mask and wait until miracles happen. After all, great hair, don’t care! Don’t forget the rest of your body: pedicure, manicure, body scrub, a looot of creams and moisturizers… Do whatever it takes to feel relaxed.

UFO 2 – a beauty spa in the palm of your hand

The centerpiece of your spa session should be your at-home facial. But, how to decide between all the treatments salons provided? Cryotherapy, thermotherapy, facial massage or LED light treatment? Luckily, you can have them all with a single device. It is a beauty spa in the palm of your hand! It is FOREO’s UFO 2, a device designed to provide hydration giving you glowing, soft, youthful, and clear skin with a perfect complexion from the very first use.

UFO 2 Range

UFO 2 is a beauty spa in the palm of your hand.

This out-of-this-world device is known as the best skinvestment that will change the way you do skincare! And Rita Ora will tell you the same (pssst, UFO 2 is her secret of healthy skin and stunning appearance). It is a unique device that will diminish signs of aging providing you a facial massage. It’s just impossible to not feel relaxed and pampered after using UFO 2. After all, it is the world’s first professional hand-held spa you need in your life!