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20 Fun Ways To Beat The Summer Heat

It’s a tale as old as time ― we love summer but can’t take the heat.  Summertime is the time to live your best life. Longer days and abundant amounts of sun boosting our vitamin D, serotonin and our mood. Who could ask for more? Unfortunately, there’s a small downside to this glorious season. It’s unbearably hot. We sweat, we’re uncomfortable, we’re dehydrated - all of it before even leaving the house. A simple solution would be to crank up the AC and stay inside until autumn. Sadly, things aren’t that simple. Therefore we thought of a bunch of cool ways to cool ourselves down & beat the heat!

1. DIY AC Time

No AC, no problem! All you need is a regular fan, a bowl and some ice. Firstly, place the ice in the bowl. Secondly, place the bowl in front of your fan. Finally, turn on the fan - voila! The ice is melting and the fan is picking up the evaporating cold air and sending it around the room. Just remember to stack up on ice and refill the bowl. AC who?

2. Freeze your smoothies

Can you think of a yummier way to cool down than eating a cold delicious treat? There are plenty of sweet frozen goodies to indulge in. Berries and other fruits are both nutritious and delicious. Moreover, freeze your smoothies or juices for a healthy snack you can always have on hand!

3. Sleep like an Egyptian

Ancient Egyptians were ahead of their time in many things, including sleep techniques. To cool themselves off, they would soak their blankets in cold water before bed. You can improve on this method by pointing a fan at yourself while you sleep. The water from the damp towel or sheet lying on top of you will evaporate and cool you off in the process. Additionally, you can put a dry towel under you to avoid soaking the bed.

4. Start a water fight

Cooling off while having fun? Count me in! Prepare your water guns and water balloons, hide your electronic devices and pick an opponent. And don’t worry about the wet floors or cabinets. The best part is that everything will get dry really fast thanks to the heat!

5. The otherworldly cooling experience

Can’t escape the heat? Focus on your pulse points - wrists, neck, inside of your elbows and knees, or the tops of your feet. A sensational, mess-free way to do this is by using UFO or UFO 2. These incredible beauty-tech devices have cooling therapy built in and you can control them through the FOREO For You App. 

6. Dress (less) to impress

Less is more. Especially during the summertime heat. Dress loose and pick the materials that’ll let your skin breathe — cotton or silk will do the trick. Don’t forget about wide-brimmed hats or other head coverings that will shield you from the sun. Hats are your friends!

7. Limit sunlight exposure

The sun packs the heat and the blow. Sun damage is dangerous and makes us look older! It’s time to stock up on sunscreen. Furthermore, don’t let the sun trap the heat in your home - pull down those curtains during the day. On the other hand, when the temperatures drop at night, open up a window and hang a wet sheet in front of it. A light breeze will blow in and cool down the entire room.

8. Save the planet

Sounds like a lot to ask for, right? But you can keep those temperatures down and help the planet at the same time. Turn off your lights and keep the oven at bay. Your home is less likely to heat up from within if you steer away from the electric appliances.

9. Eat light

There’s a good reason salads are so popular in warmer climates. They’re a lot easier to digest and won’t make you feel sluggish in the summertime heat. Avoid fatty foods at all costs. I know those delicious burgers look inviting but you’ll feel a lot better if you stick to fruits and veggies. These healthy goodies are so watery that they’ll keep you hydrated and cool you down in no time.

10. Keep your (feet) cool

Go barefoot. The sweat on your feet evaporates easier, cooling you down in the process. Another great idea is to treat yourself to an ice bath for your feet. This is especially helpful if you had a long hot day of walking or standing around.

11. Rice to the rescue

Looking for a common household commodity that can be used to make a cold compress? Look no further than rice! It’s dense and starchy which means it retains cold for a long time. Put it in a sock or a bag, tie it and stick it in the freezer for a couple of hours. There you have it - your very own DIY cold compress.

12. Keep your cosmetics cool too

Your face masks, creams, serums, toners, lotions and moisturizers also belong in the fridge. Not only will the low temperatures make them last longer but they’ll also create a cooling sensation every time you apply them. 

13. Cool as a cucumber

Here’s another thing to keep in the fridge - cucumbers! This healthy veggie is known for its hydrating and soothing properties. As a result, people love to slice it and use it to depuff the eye area. Good news — it also helps with discoloration and dark circles! So plop a few cucumber slices on your eyes anytime you feel the heat.

14. Just chill to stay chill

Life can get too hot to handle sometimes. The best thing we can do during those times is to stay chill. Whenever you feel stressed, don’t forget to take a moment to yourself. Actually, grab a whole evening to yourself whenever you can. Have you ever tried turning your home into a spa?

15. Freshen up with a fresh hairstyle

Is it time for a change? Switch things up by getting a haircut. Go short to double the benefits. Shorter hair will make you look cooler while keeping you cool at the same time. And don’t forget to take care of your hair during the heat.

16. Keep a glass of water close...

And a bottle of water closer. You lose so much water as you perspire, it’s crucial to replace it. The more dehydrated you are, the more your body temperature rises. Therefore drinking lots of fluids is key to keeping cool during these hot months. And here’s a tip on how to cool off quickly straight from the animal kingdom. Do you know why elephants like to spritz themselves with water and wet their ears? Because the water cools them down as it evaporates. If you tend to get hot quickly, keep a spray bottle close by too!

17. Try essential oils

Focus on the oils that contain menthol because it has cooling properties. Minty oils like peppermint or spearmint will do the trick. Use them with a diffuser at home or add them to your body mist when you’re on the go. Even if the cooling sensation doesn’t last long, the refreshing scent will.

18. (Mentally) Escape the heat

Do you like Christmas movies? They might help you cool off. Watching winter-themed movies or reading winter-themed books evokes our memories of the cold, ice and snow. This tricks our mind into cooling us down. Dig up old family photos and reminisce about the good old days when you were freezing.

19. Sound Meditation

Here’s another trick you can play on your mind to cool off. Tune into the sounds of nature. Crank up those ocean waves, listen to a thunderstorm or fall asleep to the sound of rainfall. These are guaranteed to bring back chill vibes and cooling feels.

20. Cold showers

If all else fails and you’re still overheating, you can take a good old, cold shower. This will cool you off in an instant, but be careful not to overheat as soon as you get dry. That’s why we recommend staying wet and air drying — this is guaranteed to chill you down.  Good luck battling the summer heat, everyone! Please share your own cool-down tips and tricks in the comments. Thank you & stay safe! 



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Sarmad 29/05/2021

That's so helpful, thanks for writing!

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Hi Sarmad, thank you for such a nice comment :) We hope it helped and that you enjoy our other posts!

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Dear Amanda! Thank you for the lovely comment! Stay tuned for more interesting articles coming soon <3

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Fariha 23/05/2024

Hey , Thanks for this super amazing ways to beat the heat . It have not only help me to beat the heat but also helped to complete my task given by our school to create an amazing booklet to beat the heat.... Thanks once again 😃.


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