How LUNA nailed Thanksgiving dinner

At FOREO, we know a thing or two about die-hard brand fans and this weekend we made our craziest discovery to date – a woman who shared her LUNA 3 facial cleansing device with a turkey and proudly shared it via Instagram (swipe right for the video).

Whilst sacrificing your beloved skincare device all in the name of cooking the perfect roast dinner might seem absurd, NYC food blogger Samina Chowdhury Miah said that for her it was a no brainer.

“I love a good food hack and since turkeys are often plumped artificially with water and additives I thought I’d try an alternative. The idea was born after reading about a chef who always massaged his turkey the night before cooking – at the time I’d just completed my nightly skincare routine and knowing how the LUNA 3 facial massage visibly plumps and firms my skin it seemed like a no-brainer. Obviously, my friends thought I was crazy but what can I say, the results were amazing – so now I’m the one laughing” she comments.

The post has been flooded with comments from Instagram users commenting on the craziness of the idea, whilst others even wanted to try it for themselves:

@Eatlocal_drinklocal said ‘Omg I have one of those lol. That’s not a bad idea! How’d you clean it after?’, whilst @the_halally commented ‘Wow never would have thought of that!’. 

The post even led to people commenting on the turkey’s glow: @foody_addy said ‘Omg girl that glow on your turkey skin says it all’ and @yyoshe  said ‘Omg! That turkey is in a spa heaven’. 


The device in question is from the famous LUNA 3 range that caters to 3 different skin types: normal, combination and sensitive – looks like this turkey has combination skin