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The Best Selling FOREO of All Time Has Been Updated

New LUNA mini 3
The biggest innovation in the history of skincare dropped on the 23rd of July of this year in Stockholm. At a press conference hosted by FOREO, CEO and Founder Filip Sedic from the company’s headquarters in Stockholm officially launched LUNA mini 3 which be available across 77 countries globally.  The magnitude of this event led the company’s website to crash shortly after 8.00am as FOREO fans scrambled to find out how to be one of the first to ever own this device - a product that has been four years in the making and has become the biggest event and innovation in the history of FOREO and the beauty world generally. 
“LUNA generally transformed the way the world tends to skincare way back when we launched in 2013. Today is a new era for LUNA and marks a special place in history for FOREO. This is the best LUNA we have ever invented and is the biggest technological update to the best selling beauty gadget of all time - the LUNA mini 2" - Filip Sedic, CEO and Founder
Launch event of LUNA mini 3

A new era for LUNA devices

The demand for the next wave of truly innovative cleansing is driven from the upgraded technology features such as the ‘Find my LUNA’ feature of the app-enabled device and the never-been-seen-before ‘glow boost- a 30-second glow boost feature rejuvenating skin immediately. The device also carries all of the trusted hallmarks of the LUNA range including a smart Swedish design, 650 uses in a single charge, high-grade hygienic silicone body and customized power levels. LUNA mini 3 follows the success of the company’s best selling beauty gadget - LUNA mini 2 and is part of the iconic LUNA range of cleansing devices of which 20 million people around the world currently use as part of their daily cleansing ritual. Last year, The Financial Times reported the popularity of LUNA mini 2 was so great in China that LUNA mini 2 ranked second in Tmall’s Shopping Wishlist before Single’s Day - beaten only by the iPhone 8 and proving once again that skin tech is the new ‘tech’ in general

Be first to know about it...

The new LUNA mini 3 will come in the Swedish brand’s flagship colors and soon will be available on FOREO.com. If you want to make sure that you're the first to know when LUNA mini 3 comes out you can subscribe to our newsletter (the subscription form is in the bottom of the page).



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Sarah Anderson 27/07/2019

Okay... I am excited for that... when would the US customer can order some pairs... ?

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FOREO 29/07/2019

In reply to by Sarah Anderson


Very soon :) Please stay tuned for the upcoming release!


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