A skincare product that works isn’t enough. You need a product with a holistic 360 approach that feeds both your skin and mind. That’s why you need FOREO’s Imagination.

It is a product that works by perfectly blending organic ingredients together into a luxuriously creamy skin smoothie.

Imagination is a fusion of nature and high-tech

If you are into organic skincare, DIY beauty products, or natural ingredients, Imagination is a MUST for you. Here’s how this innovative mask base works.

You blend your favorite natural ingredients into a nourishing face mask and you add a spoon of Imagination into it. It will do the rest. Namely, Imagination blends flawlessly with fresh ingredients. Also, it works as a dual-power force to activate and supercharge the potential of your organic ingredients. Thanks to Imagination all nutrients from your face mask will be delivered into the deepest layers of your skin. 

Or to be more precise, you will experience the magic that all vitamins and minerals from the natural ingredients can do. And how amazing is that?


All nutrients will be delivered into the deepest layers of the skin

So, what is the secret of Imagination? The secret is Triple Infusion Complex, a highly potent absorption booster that combines three powerful penetration enhancers:

  • Specialty ester – maximizes penetration of water-soluble active ingredients
  • Humectant – helps shuttle ingredients through the lipid top layers of the skin
  • Fatty acid – works on optimizing the skin’s moisture levels

Thanks to these three little magicians, you can be sure that actual vitamins, antioxidants, and nutrients sourced from your fresh veggies and fruits will be delivered into the deepest layers of your skin. And you should definitely feed your skin with all the nutrients it needs and deserves.

Vegan-friendly and cruelty-free formula

Not just you will feel refreshed with FOREO’s Imagination, but you will also look and feel younger! This vegan-friendly and the cruelty-free formula is completely safe. You can use it without adding any organic ingredients because it contains beneficial components such as Hyaluronic Acid, Squalane, Vitamin E, and Vitamin B.

Look FOREO’s Imagination in action:

You’ll take your homemade skincare routine to the next level. And there is no coming back, which is fine, as long as your skin is smooth and plump, and as long as you can’t take a smile off your face because of that. And all that is because of Imagination…