Shopping for men can be difficult. Sometimes they’re mum about what they’re hoping to get. Sometimes they haven’t given it any real thought at all. It’s up to you to keep tabs on their favorite habits and hobbies to figure out what the men in your life really want or need. Whether it’s a partner who loves a nice clean shave, a son who can’t wait for his next hiking adventure, or a father who fawns over classic cars, we’ve collated some of the best gifts for every kind. Scroll down, get gift-inspired.

For the guy who loves cars


For men, boys and guys of all ages who love cars, keep your Valentine’s Day gift selection classy – in an all-leather interior, two-seater, M159 front engine, James Bond getaway car kind of way.


If the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT is not an option this year, what about the outfit he would wear if he could drive one?

Gucci Cashmere & Wool Blend Sweater

Shinola Leather Watch

Loro Piano Suede and Cashmere Belt

Berluti Burnished Leather Wallet


In the meantime, pick up the Assouline guide to Vintage Cars, and let your man pick his favorite classic car – maybe for Valentine’s  next year. (Or better yet, as a Valentine’s Day gift for you this year.)


For the guy who loves music


Whether this man on your nice list loves music, loves to make music or loves to listen to music, we’ve got some gift ideas for him.


The seriously dedicated music maker will need a pair of turntables. If you want the best record players, go with Technics, the industry standard. (By the way, producers and DJs will want two turntables, so put Santa’s elves to work early this year.)


If the musical man in your life needs a new pair of headphones, Troubadours are as beautiful as they are functional. What’s more, proceeds from your Troubadour purchase also go to the Starkey Hearing Foundation, which works to assist hearing impaired and deaf people with medical care in countries all over the world.


Funk and soul, a cornerstone of modern music, hold a place in every music lover’s heart. The Taschen guide to Funk & Soul Covers is a gorgeous collection of the most iconic album imagery from the “golden age” of the genre.


And, if your music maker wants to look the part, here’s the perfect outfit to do so:

Club Monaco Cashmere Sweater

Moncler Down Jacket

William Lockie Hat & Scarf


For the guy who loves sports

Whether this guy is a sports fan or an athlete himself, he’ll still appreciate some solid athleisure pieces to add to his wardrobe.

Nike Sweatshirt

Nike Tee

adidas Leather and Suede Sneakers

Suunto Digital Watch

Jil Sander Backpack


Wash up post-workout with a convenient, portable and oh-so-good-looking LUNA™ go for MEN.

Especially for the sports fans who love bicycles and have a flair for engineering, Rizzoli’s Golden Age of Handbuilt Bicycles is a beautiful collection of fifty classic bicycles that delves into the details of the craftsmanship that went into each creation. Perfect for the man with a fixation on all things fixie.


For the guy who loves to drink


What do you get for the drinker in your life? Easy. Alcohol!


If he fancies himself a manly man, he’d be pleased with a bottle of some rough and tumble tasting Stranahan’s. This whiskey is smooth and flavourful, bottled by an independent distillery in the Colorado Rockies.


If he likes his whiskey on the rocks but he doesn’t want to risk a watered down drink, pick him up a set of soapstone whiskey rocks. Store them in the fridge and plop them in his next drink. They’re long-lasting, won’t absorb odors or flavors, won’t scratch glassware, and most importantly – they won’t dilute your drink.


If your drinking man likes to share the boozy love, encourage him with the Foundwell Vintage Cocktail Set, which comes with a silver-plated shaker, strainer, citrus juicer, garnish dish, cups and shot glasses, all packed neatly into a leather carrying case. Pair this gift with the Assouline guide to Vintage Cocktails and voila – your lucky guy has everything he need to bartend your next party (and keep your glass full all night).


Keep your drinker looking fresh at the party with some cozy winter wear:

The Elder Statesman Cashmere Sweater


And of course – Rag & Bone Fingerless Gloves for gripping your beer comfortably during the cold winter months.


For the guy who loves the outdoors


Get your mountain man the survival materials he needs. Of course, no man sets out into the wilderness without a Swiss Army Knife – get him a tricked-out style with everything he could need in a woodsy adventure.


For a foray into the forest, he’ll need the proper clothing as well:

Red Wing Boots look sexy on or off the trail

Cutler and Gross Sunglasses look good on him (oh, and they protect his eyes from the sun)

The Arc’teryx Down Jacket keeps him warm and hot while hiking

A daypack will keep all his trail supplies sorted


And Into Thin Air by Jon Krakaeur and a Dunhill Hip Flask will keep him happy back at the campfire after a long day of hiking.


For the guy who travels


For the man in your life who spends hours or days on the road, keep his travels smooth with some key travel gifts.


The Saint Laurent Passport Holder will keep his travel documents safe, secure, and maybe even whisk him ahead in line at Customs for looking so darn good.


Loro Piana Suede Loafers are easily slipped on and off for traveling easily through airport security and comfort while aboard the plane.


The Globe-Trotter Suitcase is as durable as it is beautiful. Your traveling man will want to wheel it through every airport on the planet, just to show off.


For staying sharp while away from home, the Czech & Speake Travel Manicure Set is a grooming must-have, as is the FOREO ISSA™ – it lasts up to 365 uses so charge it before your trip and you’re good to go.


If your traveling man needs some help planning his next adventure abroad, the New York times 36 Hours World Book Set will provide all the inspiration he needs for future travels, including recommendations, reviews and detailed city maps of 365 destinations worldwide.


For the guy who takes care of himself – or should


We all know a man who takes care of himself like he should – and most of us know more who don’t. Either way, indulge or encourage him with some luxurious self-pampering options.


The Ultimate Grooming Collection with PRORASO includes everything your man needs for a close shave and soft skin: the LUNA™ for Men, the CLEANSER for MEN, and the Proraso pre-shave cream, shaving cream, and aftershave cream.


If your man has a substantial beard to keep neat and clean, the D R Harris Boar Hair Bristle Beard Brush and Beard Oil can do the job.


Soap him up with the Escentric Molecules Body Wash, or gift him a Tom Dixon scented candle from the Elton John AIDS Foundation – a present that not just makes bath time better for him, but also makes a donation to those living with HIV.


Post-bath, keep him fresh with Tom Ford Neroli Portofino cologne, keep him kissable with Aesop Mouthwash, and keep him soft with C.O. Bigelow Rose Salve.


For the guy who loves to cook


Get your guy cooking with some kitchen essentials. The Contra Apron is durable and stylish – choose your man’s favorite color. If he’s needs delicious inspiration, there’s Phaidon’s Never Trust a Skinny Italian Chef. (Note: Assuming you play your cards right, you will also benefit from this gift.)


Record recipes to keep secret dishes in the family with the Antica Cartotecnica notebook set.


If he’s an amateur cook or just loves a delicious beer, introduce him to the wonders of beer bread. You can purchase a set or make one yourself for a DIY gift he’ll actually love.


If he’s a grillmaster, get him everything he needs to man the meat with the Cuisinart Premium Grill Set.


Keep him warm all winter with a Canada Goose Beanie and Derek Rose Suede Slippers – he’ll need these if he’s in and out to check the grill.


For the guy who loves technology


Every season there are new gifts for the guy who loves technology. So what gadgets to get him this year?


If you want the best of the best, the natural choice for Valentine’s Day this year is the Apple Watch. He can also shop his favorite bands to customize with different outfits.


If he loves watching technology in action, try How It’s Made on DVD. Set him up in front of the TV and he’ll be happy for hours.


The Tetris Desk Lamp will appeal to his inner tech nerd. This lamp can be moved into different shapes – the bright colors create a different lamp with every new build.


The Netatmo Weather Station transforms your guy into his own meteorologist. Set this device up and get the current temperature, humidity, noise, and carbon dioxide levels straight to your phone.


If your tech guy is a photographer – professional or otherwise – he’ll like the Leica Compact Camera for crystal clear imagery with bright, distinct colours and sharp rendering of detail.


Of course, you want to keep him looking good, and the Steve Jobs black turtleneck and dad jeans combo just isn’t doing it for you anymore. So gift him this Tom Ford sweater and this stylish Comme des Garçons iPad case so he looks as smart as he is.