Achieving faster hair growth has been a desire of each and every one of us at least once in our lifetime. We’ve all had times when we wished we had long, flowing hair like the beautiful women in movies whose hair we’ve always adored. Although hair growth rate is strictly determined by genetics and each individual’s hair grows at a different rate, there are various remedies and supplements that can help you achieve your hair goals. 

Here are 5 at-home remedies that promote hair growth. 

Scalp massage

Investing time to massage your scalp for a few minutes each day helps enhance blood flow and stimulate hair growth. Coconut oil is an excellent massage oil because it includes fatty acids and antioxidants that minimize hair fall, encourage growth, and prevent breakage. If you often style your hair and expose it to heat from a straightener or curling iron, a hair scalp massage with coconut oil should definitely be part of your routine. At the end of the day, we all want to avoid hair damage and breakage while also achieving that full and voluminous effect.

Hair foods

It’s time to embrace the power of food and unleash the magic of hair growth. Imagine savoring the meals that not only satisfy your taste buds but also nurture your hair from within. Foods like eggs, leafy greens, and fatty fish, packed with the perfect blend of vitamins, minerals are what your hair desperately craves and needs. These packed with nutrients and rich foods are what will give your hair a boost. You will be singing and dancing with joy as you embark the world of rich food that will make your hair look and feel like the greatest version ever. 

Rice water

Rice water is here to rock your world! This natural solution has become a hair care superstar, loaded with vitamins, minerals, and amino acids that work wonders for your hair. It nourishes your hair follicles, making them stronger and preventing pesky breakage. And that’s not all! The starch in rice water acts like a superhero shield, transforming your hair into a glossy, smooth masterpiece while kicking frizz to the curb.  Not to mention it’s a detangling and conditioning pro too? With all these amazing benefits, rice water is your go-to for a fun, affordable, and vibrant hair journey!

Silk pillowcase

Silk was commonly used as a symbol of luxury and prestige in ancient China. It’s no surprise! With all of the benefits it provides to our hair, it is undeniably luxurious. Unlike cotton, silk moisturizes and strengthens hair thanks to its non-absorbent characteristics that do not trap oils or moisture while allowing your scalp to breathe.The silky smooth texture prevents tangles and frizz, as well as damage and breaking. You may finally sleep well knowing that your hair is receiving the treatment it needs and deserves.

Stop over-washing your hair

Shampooing too frequently or using harsh shampoos is a recipe for hair catastrophe. It involves removing the oils that nurture and protect your hair. What was the end result? Weak, dry, and frizzy hair that begs for a rest. Breakage and fractured ends may appear as unwelcome shocks. Over-shampooing also disrupts the pH balance of your scalp, causing irritation and pain. And don’t forget about our thick-haired pals who can go a day without washing their hair, whilst others with thinner strands have to fight the greasy hair war more frequently.

Using gentle, sulfate-free shampoos and embracing moisturizing and conditioning treatments like haircare superheroes are the keys to keeping your hair happy. Slay the day with colorful, healthy hair!

While genetics have a significant influence in determining the pace of hair growth, there is no reason to be concerned about not being able to achieve faster hair growth. Different home remedies and potent chemicals can make a difference in the health of your hair. Because it differs from person to person, some methods may not apply to you as well as they do to someone else. So, if you identify the appropriate product for you, you will notice significant changes in your hair, making it seem better than ever.