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Pompoms & Powerlifting: How to Work Out Like a Cheerleader

Athletes lift weights, cheerleaders lift athletes. Homecoming season is upon us, and that means Texas-sized mums, spirit week, alumni reunions, and of course, gals in cute outfits bouncing around on the football field, also known as cheerleaders. Despite what you may have heard in Bring it On, cheerleading requires a lot more than wiggling your fingers above your head. So, here’s a cheerleader workout to help you look fit as a fiddle in those homecoming pictures.

Warm Up

Gimme a G! Gimme an O! Now, GO for a light jog around the football field. It will get your blood pumping and get you pumped up for the big game.

Cheer Stretches

Time to limber up, cupcake. We can’t have you pulling a muscle mid-halftime routine.

Weighted Squats x 25

Repeatedly launching another human 20 feet into the air - and then catching them as their body comes hurtling back to earth - builds some serious leg muscle. You’ll never get the gams of an actual cheerleader, but you can try.

Bicep Curls x 25

Cheerleader legs are super important, but you can’t forget about those arms. Megaphones can get heavy and, again… hoisting a human over your head. Plus, toned arms just look better in sleeveless uniforms.

Jump Squats x 30

A typical homecoming game will last around 4 hours, and during that time, each cheerleader on the sidelines will do 987 jumps. You don’t want to be the weak link on the squad, so get jumping.

T-Kicks x 15 (on each side)

You’re not just born with the ability to perform a perfect toe-touch; you earn it. Extend your arms out, forming a ‘T’ with your body. Bring your leg up to meet your arm, and slowly lower it back down. Your inner thighs will scream, but you’ll be able to jump high enough to look down on everyone else.

V-Sit x 50

If you’re the flyer - a.k.a. the girl balancing on one foot in the palm of your friend’s hand - your core is everything. You can stop doing crunches when you have a six-pack.

Facial Exercises

Last, but certainly not least, your face - the very foundation of pep. All that smiling builds some seriously toned facial muscles, so start squeezing those cheeks.   Repeat above every day for a few weeks, and you might be ready for homecoming. See you on the sideline, sweetheart.

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