10 years, 80 countries and 3 000 people — discover how FOREO captured 30 million hearts.

As we celebrate our 10th birthday, we want to share the things we’re proud of. But more importantly, we want to shed light on what’s yet to come.

The past

Fueled by its innovative Swedish DNA, FOREO is the original creator of the world’s first silicone facial cleansing device that launched in 2013 —  LUNA™.  This game-changing device is widely described as the Apple of the skincare industry. And in eight short years, FOREO has gone from zero to over 30 million products sold. We beautified faces and brought smiles to people billions and billions of times, bringing out their true inner glow while designing revolutionary self-care devices and picking up more than 225 awards globally

The present

Today, LUNA is the most copied beauty-tech product in the world, and as they say – imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. With one FOREO device being sold every 10 seconds, and a staggering 160,200,000 TikTok views and counting – FOREO cemented its position as the No1 skincare brand in the world

When we launched in 2013, all we had was an amazing groundbreaking product on our hands and a dream. Turns out, that’s all you need to succeed. Today, FOREO is present in over 80 countries with 3000 powerful employees and recognized as a golden standard by 30 million customers worldwide and this is something truly worth lauding as FOREO celebrates its eight birthday., says Filip Sedić, the FOREO founder.

We know that we have this amazing reputation thanks to you, our favorite skincare enthusiasts! People like you are the reason we do what we do. It’s because of you that we believe in breaking barriers and finding beauty in self-care, technology and each other. 

We’ve received the most valuable gift from our beautiful customers awarding FOREO’s quest for excellence with five stars on a consumer review platform Trustpilot. We are a customer-centric company and we strive to make durable high-quality products. Our customers recognize this and many of them have trusted our brand from the very beginning. We’ve reached out to hundreds of our earliest customers for their feedback to make sure they still use our devices. It was truly an emotional moment to hear stories about how our LUNA became a part of their lives.

What really made it special, is that they all expressed their FOREO products still function flawlessly even after 8 years of use and still look as beautiful and clean as the new ones, with insane battery life. This means we succeeded, not only in meeting the needs of our customers, caring about sustainability, but also in driving innovation and making people’s lives better!, Sedić continues.

The future

For us, the future is now. FOREO set out on a mission to find better ways of taking care of oneself. And that mission continues. We will always strive to use visionary technologies to empower people to be more beautiful and confident than ever. And we want to use our voice to inspire everyone to be themselves and feel unique in their own skin

Industries are changed and created by those daring to be different. And for us, the future is nothing but an endless field of possibilities and opportunities.