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How to Have a Sustainable Beauty Routine

The new year is the time to embrace healthy changes to our mindset, lifestyle, and beauty routine. Louise Riby, Managing Director of beauty brand Elemental Herbology breaks down why you should use beauty products that are ethically and sustainably sourced. Take this knowledge and make your beauty counter something you can be proud of.  

Elemental Herbology has many natural ingredients in their products. Why should we incorporate natural ingredients into our skin care routine?

The body responds much better to natural ingredients. Just because something is natural doesn’t mean that it can’t be advanced. There is a vast amount of research that goes into creating patented natural actives to ensure the best results.  

What are some natural ingredients to use that we haven’t heard of before?

  • Kakadu Plum has extremely high levels of Vitamin C antioxidants to protect against free-radical damage and fight against wrinkles and sagging skin.
  • Pea proteins found in our Hand Nutrition helps to reduce the degradation of collagen and elastin, which keeps skin firm and elastic.
  • Avocado is a fantastic source of Vitamin E that can help moisturisesoften fine lines, and does wonders for a healthy complexion. This can be found in our Harmonising Cleanse.
  • Macadamia contains high levels of omega 7, which softens the skin. This can be found in our Cell Plumping Facial Moisturiser.

What additives should we avoid?

Avoid synthetic fragrances, artificial colors, sulphates, paraben preservatives, and mineral oils.

Elemental Herbology sustainably sources their ingredients. What ingredients are the most important to source sustainably? 

We take pride in ensuring that everything from the farmer to the environment are treated fairly. It is extremely important to source Baobab oil, Sacha Inchi oil and Buriti oil sustainably. By doing this we can make sure these precious ingredients are not over harvested and that the environment and local communities are protected.
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Why is it so important to source Baobab oil ethically and sustainably?

Baobab trees can live for over 1000 years but mass harvesting can have devastating effects on the environment and local surroundings. So it’s vital that we make sure the Baobab trees are looked after. It’s also hugely important that the local communities that harvest the oil receive a fair price in order to help with their healthcare and education.  

Your Sacha Inchi oil is sourced through the Program Omega development. How does the Program Omega help re-forestation, protect biodiversity, and guarantee fair income?

The Omega program has worked to develop thousands of hectares of local trees, food, and medicinal plants. The program guarantees a fair income to farmers and improves their working and living conditions by ensuring the respect of environment and the farmers’ quality of life.

Your Buriti oil is sourced through the Amazonian Project and FITOVIDA. How do these programs help their communities?

Buriti oil is collected from the wild by local people, who have knowledge of centuries-old techniques of collecting and extracting oils. This way Buriti oil is not over-harvested. FITOVIDA works to establish general education in the communities. They teach them about the correct processing and handling procedures and establish small scale local projects that improve the economic welfare of the community. For example, they teach simple ways to make local craft items such as soaps. Later on, these products can be sold by the locals.  

How can beauty lovers ensure that their products are ethically sourced?

Responsible companies will always be transparent about how their products are made and where ingredients come from. If it does not say clearly on the packaging then look on the company website or speak to customer services who should be able to help.  

Are there any telltale signs on the labels of beauty products that indicate if a product is ethically sourced?

Organisations set different guidelines as to what is ethically sourced and environmentally friendly. But these guidelines are often different from one another, so it can be confusing. It is best to research the brand through their website to get as much information as possible. Get started on a sustainble beauty bag. Pair FOREO’s LUNA™ 2 facial-cleansing brush and IRIS eye-massager with the Elemental Herbology's earth-friendly products, like their Cell Nourish Facial Serum, Eye Elixir Eye Cream, and Hyaluronic Plus Moisture Serum to start the new year off with healthy, guilt-free skin. FOREO LUNA 2SHOP LUNA 2

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