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May 13, 2020 • Feel Good / Health

A natural way to tone your face.

Stimulate your face muscles daily and say goodbye to frown lines and saggy skin! Get toned cheeks, slim face and a tight neck instead. Your face contains muscles just like the rest of your body. To keep those face muscles tight and toned, you have to exercise. Let us share some of our favorite moves. Welcome to face yoga – the natural facelift.

Our favorite exercises

A relaxing warm-up

Blowing raspberries isn’t just a fun thing you did as a child. It’s also a relaxing facial yoga exercise. Just keep your tongue inside this time. The bigger the vibration, the bigger the effect. Do it every day, especially when you feel stressed. 

Get cheeky

Model-worthy cheekbones? Just take a big breath to puff your cheeks like a pufferfish. Move the air from one cheek to the other. Release. Try it again 4-5 times until you start feeling those cheek muscles strengthening. 

Attack the double chin

Get ready to firm your neck and get rid of unwanted fat in the jaw and chin. Pucker your lips and turn your head to one side. Lift your head until you feel a stretch in the neck. Hold it for a couple of seconds. Switch to the other side and repeat three times.

Don’t forget about the neck

Let’s smooth our necks and décolletages! Tilt your head backward slowly. Pucker your lips a couple of times or jut out the lower lip. Can you feel those neck-muscles tightening? Bring your head back to your chest. Take a deep breath and repeat three times.

Work out with Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy was kind enough to demonstrate some of her favorite face yoga exercises. Want to look younger? Let’s get to work!

Does face yoga really work?

It is called a natural facelift for a reason, but don’t expect miraculous results overnight. Just like any form of exercise, you have to be consistent to see results. There are over 50 muscles in your face and most of them rarely get a proper workout. Performing facial exercises regularly will strengthen those muscles and tighten your skin.

These yoga exercises will keep your face looking fit in the long term. Moreover, they improve the blood flow and supply your skin-cells with nutrients. This additional supply of nutrients and oxygen leads to skin cell regeneration. Say hello to a beautiful healthy glow!


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