Let us introduce you to the founder of Lovely Pepa

Alexandra Pereira’s blogger’s career had an unexpected path; initially set to become a lawyer, Alexandra decided to pursue her passion instead and launch her blog way back in 2009. Since then, she’s become #styleinspo for her many Instagram and YouTube followers and launched her own fashion line, Lovely Pepa. Throughout the years, Alexandra has been constantly innovating and inspiring others to feel good about themselves and it’s time we talk business, travel and beauty with her!

A Galician in Los Angeles, was the change hard?

It obviously was but I am a woman with a great capacity to adapt to new surroundings.

Your biggest personal challenge?

I would say – to control my temper and impulsive nature.

Lovely Pepa's Travels


What is your biggest goal with the Lovely Pepa Collection?

Grow this company into a huge business with stores all over the world. A personal dream of mine would be to open a store in Tokyo.

The best travel destinations you’ve experienced?

So far, I’d say Tokyo (Japan) and the island of Bali (Indonesia).

Lovely Pepa in Tokyo

Do you feel your skin suffers thanks to the constant travel?

It surely does. In order to limit the damage, I always follow a hydration routine on the plane.

Ain´t no mountain high enough or The way you look tonight?

Ain´t No Mountain High Enough… I think that it defines my lifestyle perfectly well. It perfectly fits my personality at home and at work.

Lovely Pepa's Beauty Routine

Your beauty essentials?

I’ve been a huge fan of FOREO products for quite some time. I’ve used the LUNA range for years; I take my LUNA 2 and LUNA 2 Mini everywhere. More recently, I’ve started using UFO and facials feel even better.  

Lately, I found a great appreciation for Moisture Surge 72 hours, it’s made by Clinique and works fantastic. Also, I can’t live without Lanolips, my favorite lip balm.