Picking a facial cleansing brush shouldn’t be a bummer.

But that’s not to say you don’t face some tricky decisions. LUNA 2 is super-sized brush based on our stunning original LUNA design, while LUNA mini 2 is one of our most popular models – it even smashed sales records to put FOREO just behind Apple during China’s shopping event of the year!

So which one is right for you? We put both FOREO facial brushes head to head so you can see which is perfect for you!


If you want to look OG gorgeous, look no further than the customized cleansing of LUNA 2.

Picking the right LUNA 2 is as easy as knowing your skin type! Each large-and-in-charge facial cleansing device is specialized for different needs: purple is for sensitive skin, pink for normal skin, blue is for combination skin, and green is for oily skin. Each LUNA 2 has touch-points, which are soft silicone bristles.

The difference can been seen when you look at the different touch-points on each LUNA 2. So for example, LUNA 2 for sensitive skin has softer, finer touch-points to be extra-gentle on skin, while the LUNA 2 for oily skin has broader touch-points to deeply cleanse pores.

What really makes LUNA 2 stand out is that it also has an anti-aging side on the back. It’s a two-in-one cleansing and anti-aging device, so you definitely get more of a bang for your buck! You can use the Anti-Aging Mode to help massage in your serum or cream. The massage feels great on your skin—like a mini facial!


–4 Types for Specific Skin Types

–Anti-Aging Mode

–12 Power Setting

–4.03 x 3.24 inches (102.3 x 82.3 mm)


LUNA mini 2

Choose LUNA mini 2 if you’re just starting to get serious about your skincare.

The LUNA mini 2 is slightly smaller and a whole lot funkier- but there’s definitely more to this mini brush than that!  It’s really the perfect starter brush, because it works for all skin types – in case you’re still dealing with age-related acne.

Its three-zone brush works like this: the front part is for normal and sensitive areas, the broader top bristles are for hard-to-reach areas (like the sides of the nose and underneath the eyes), and the back is for oily areas like the T-zone.

With the LUNA mini 2, choosing the right brush is really easy: All you have to do is pick your favorite color!


–5 Fun Colors

–1 Brush Head for All Skin Types

–8 Power Setting

–2.95 x 3.15 inches (75 x 80 mm)