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New FOREO KIWI™ Derma - Microdermabrasion and Pore Vacuum

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Microdermabrasion is a popular, non-invasive procedure used to rejuvenate the skin and improve its texture and appearance. It involves the exfoliation of the surface of the skin using abrasive materials or a specialized device. The process aims to remove dead skin cells, stimulate blood flow and collagen production, and promote the growth of new, healthier skin. 


Here at FOREO, we are always on the mission of bringing skin solutions into the comforts of your home while keeping your skin clean, moisturized, radiant, and before all - healthy.  After being carefully developed and tested on thousands of faces, in order to design perfectly calibrated vacuum suction technology - that is both gentle on the skin and effective on impurities, we introduce KIWI™ derma.  

What Is It, How Does It Work, Who Is It For? 

KIWI™ derma is a microdermabrasion & pore vacuum device with tips made of medical-grade steel and Adamas diamonds. This dynamic combination exfoliates and removes dead skin cells, reduces wrinkles and age spots, and minimizes the appearance of pores while encouraging healthy skin renewal - to reverse flaws like scarring, pigmentation, and signs of aging. 


In fact, 90% of users report that pores appear minimized, and skin tone looks more even, 96% of users report cleaner skin with reduced blackheads, whiteheads, dirt & other impurities from the very first use, and 83% of users report an improvement in wrinkles and pigmentation. 

KIWI™ derma

By gently removing dead skin cells and debris, microdermabrasion helps stimulate blood flow and collagen production, and vacuum suction aids the exfoliation process by immediately suctioning away loosened dead skin cells on the surface of the skin, and extracting impurities from the pores. 


Microdermabrasion is a skincare procedure suitable for most skin types. If you've been struggling with age spots, sun damage, skin discoloration, and acne scars, microdermabrasion might be your ticket to skin rejuvenation. It's also suitable for softening shallow lines and wrinkles, clearing clogged pores, or evening out their complexion.  



Diamonds Are Forever

Since we're always looking into finding ways to make our devices luxurious and extremely long-lasting, we made our KIWI™ derma microdermabrasion tips with medical-grade steel and Adamas diamonds - the strongest diamonds in the world. This means that, unlike other microdermabrasion devices, these tips will not become smooth, dull, or damaged over time. The result? KIWI™ derma tips never need to be replaced. Ever.  

How To Unclog Pores With Vacuum Suction

Vacuum suction plays a vital role in the microdermabrasion process, enhancing its effectiveness and benefits. By suctioning away loosened dead skin cells immediately after microdermabrasion and extracting impurities from the pores, vacuum suction leaves your skin smoother, brighter, and healthier-looking. It also stimulates blood flow, encouraging oxygen and nutrient delivery to the skin cells, promoting collagen production, and supporting the skin's natural healing process. Additionally, it facilitates lymphatic drainage - reducing puffiness and swelling in the treated area.   

Increase Radiance With T-Sonic™ Massage 

FOREO’s patented technology transdermal pulsations travel through the outer layers of skin. They help to temporarily dilate pores so the vacuum suction can effectively extract impurities from deep within pores. They also gently massage the face - and when directed onto wrinkle-prone areas, they help to relax facial muscle tension points and smooth the appearance of expression lines.  


Additionally, they improve microcirculation and lymphatic drainage to improve pigmentation, increase radiance and reduce puffiness. And they increase the absorption of the active ingredients in any skincare you apply immediately after your treatment - thus enhancing their efficacy.   

Ultra-Hygienic Silicone Filter: Swipe the Gunk Away

FOREO has always taken skincare hygiene seriously - using ultra-hygienic silicone in our devices, this time in the form of a filter that collects all the dead skin cells and gunk coming out of your pores. This filter is made of bacteria-resistant silicone, ensuring a non-porous, 100% waterproof, and quick-drying surface that provides a quick, unfussy cleaning—simply swipe away any collected impurities after your treatment.    

How to Take Care of Your Skin After Using Microdermabrasion Device?

After your treatment, gently wash your face with water and pat dry. After the treatment, moisturize your skin thoroughly to hydrate and reduce the reddening of sensitive areas. We recommend using FOREO UFO™ 3 Deep Hydration Facial Device with your preferred UFO™ Activated Mask


Avoid using retinoids, peels, or other exfoliating treatments for at least three days before and after performing microdermabrasion at home. Additionally, refrain from using vitamin C products at least one week before and after the procedure to avoid over-irritation. It’s important to limit sun exposure before and after microdermabrasion treatment. 


Avoid the sun and use sunscreen at least a week before and after the procedure to prevent potential harm to the skin. We recommend using a broad-spectrum sunscreen with a high SPF.  

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