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Makeup at the Gym? Why Athleisure Beauty is Now a Thing

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For when needs must… We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: hitting the gym with a full face of makeup is not a great habit. You know the score: As you exercise, your pores and sweat glands open up to help the body cool down. Blocked pores can’t breathe - and quickly lead to breakouts. Nonetheless, the past couple of years have seen a host of established brands develop innovative new products aimed specifically for use at the gym, alongside the emergence of new labels directly targeting this particular demand. An inevitable extension of the athleisure trend we’re seeing everywhere from the high street to interiors, the most skin-friendly of these new makeup lines are non-comedogenic - meaning they won’t block pores. Among them is Tarte, whose gorgeous #hustleandglow trailer for its recent athleisure beauty line gave makeup fans serious exercise envy. Others take direct inspiration from gymlife itself: Think MAC’s recent collab with PUMA, resulting in a sporty sneaker collection to match a trio of legendary lipstick shades.

PUMA x M.A.C. Suede Sneakers

But before we jump in to which products are on our trend radar, let’s first address the question on everyone’s apparently perfectly rouged lips: why? Why wear makeup to your exercise class and risk a breakout? Simply put, it all comes down to lifestyle. What if your only opportunity to exercise is during your workday lunch hour, with no time to remove and then re-apply makeup? Sometimes it really is a straight up choice between getting your workout on or taking makeup off. They say the only workout you’ll regret is the one you didn’t do, so in this instance, go ahead - don’t let a little makeup stop you from keeping your fitness goals on track! A second driver of no-sweat makeup is rather more complex. The very existence of the wider athleisure trend says a lot about how our aspirations are shaping where and how we spend our downtime. In other words, the gym! Gyms have become places not just to exercise, but to socialize. That could be at a class, or it could be over a protein shake right after. Because treadmills, weights areas or barre studios are no longer exclusively settings for solo slogs, inevitably, many of us are paying more attention to how we look - including makeup. So, for those days when the time constraints of work, childcare or whatever rule out a pre-gym cleanse; or you feel a slick of lipgloss and mascara would help navigate social encounters with more confidence, what are the products to reach for?


Eyeko Sport Waterproof Mascara

Waterproof - and by extension, sweat-proof - mascara is nothing new. But until recently, finding a product that doesn’t leave lashes feeling crunchy, flakey and dry has been nigh on impossible. For keeping peepers pretty through even the most gruelling HIIT class, look to Eyeko’s nourishing Sport formula, which also boasts a curved brush for the most fluttery, voluminous of lashes.


CliniqueFIT Workout Makeup Broad Spectrum SPF 40

For reasons we know you already know, you definitely don’t want to suffocate those hard-working sweat glands and pores! So, if you must wear foundation at the gym, look for a product that delivers light or medium coverage. With that in mind, consider Clinique’s sports-friendly line, CliniqueFIT. Its Workout Makeup Broad Spectrum SPF 40 lightweight formula creates a natural-looking matte finish - with impressive sun protection to boot!


Sweat Glow Hard Bronzer

Catering specifically to active lifestyles is the very aptly named Sweat Cosmetics. All about breathable products, its mineral bronzer, Glow Hard, is 40-minute sweat and water resistant, plus boasts skin-safe SPF 25 sun protection. Its tapered twist-brush not only keep your makeup nice and clean, it’s also great for a contoured finish.

Keep it Clean

We’re still firmly of the belief that it's best to workout sans makeup, but if you MUST, at least commit to an arduous post-workout cleanse that is important for keeping skin in shape. Because of its long-lasting charge, ultra-hygienic silicone material, and T-sonic pulsations that remove an impressive 99.5% of dirt and oil – including makeup residue – FOREO’s two-in-one cleanser and analyzer LUNA fofo is a great facial brush for keeping in your gym bag. But for when needs must, there’s no denying the current wave of athleisure makeup certainly has its uses. What’s your take on wearing makeup to the gym: a big no way, or hip-hip hooray? Let us know in the comments!



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Christina Goltare 13/07/2019

Although I do not belong to a gym, I am not against wearing makeup, and I understand the reasons why. From confidence reasons, to having people judge your skin with scrutiny, to being 'Insta Ready' for posting athleisure, weight loss journey or promotional photos on social media, etc.

I have experienced the feeling of people looking at my face, judging my acne scars and acne. It makes me feel better to wear something on my face to even out my skintone, etc. The makeup I use everyday is an all-in-one CC Cream that includes a moisturizer, SPF and other skincare, so it makes sense because it protects the skin from harmful UVA/UVB rays on the way to the gym, provides coverage and nourishes the skin with skincare.

After a workout indoors, or outdoor activities, my FOREO FoFo removes all the sweat, sunscreen, makeup, environmental gunk and pollution off my skin and out of my pores! So, I say do what makes you feel best, and FOREO takes care of the rest!

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FOREO 15/07/2019

In reply to by Christina Goltare


Thank you for your comment, we are happy that you like your Foreo :-)! Stay tuned for more interesting articles!

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pre workout serum 09/01/2020

I am impressed with the products mentioned in this blog. I have ordered Eyeko sport waterproof Mascara and want to use it before going to the gym. So far I am using pre workout serum before exercise. It is very good as it protects the formation of wrinkles after exercise and also able to maintain hydrated skin.

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SueLyn Cheang 14/09/2020

I usually go to the gym bare-faced. But sometimes when I'm going to a physical activity with friends (horse riding, rock climbing or hiking) I try to put on a bit of makeup just because I know there will be pictures. With acne prone skin like mine, its hard to find a good way of preventing breakouts. I use the foreo luna mini 2, and it has helped reduce my breakouts, although I still do get them.

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carly 18/09/2020

In reply to by SueLyn Cheang


Suelyn! That is great to hear and we are so happy that the LUNA Mini 2 has helped with your breakouts. Sure, it's a long journey when your skin's condition is involved but we are happy to hear that its a step or in your case a climb in the right direction. :)


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