Now you can enjoy a full skin care routine wherever life takes you.

As a child, we envied Carmen Sandiego, traveling the world in her brimmed cap. Her clever catch-me-if-you-can demeanor and signature look made her one of the top female super villains for most Millennials. Luckily, now we too can remain flawless while on the go with the new LUNA go cleansing device.

The On-the-go version of the LUNA 2

With so many fans of the LUNA 2 asking for a travel size version, we decided to make one and just in time for summer! Now you can enjoy your full skin care routine wherever you are in the world. Now you can throw out your cotton pads and replace them with this equally sized miniature cleansing device.

Customized to Your Skin

Traveling the world, our skin reacts differently to new environments and bacteria. That on top of the drying factor or being on a plane means your skin goes through a lot of harsh treatment and has to adjust from your regular routine.

Fret not, the LUNA go delivers skin care that is completely personalized to your skin type. And like the LUNA 2, it also has an anti-aging feature. Your options are: lavender for sensitive skin, pink for normal skin, blue for combination skin, cyan for oily skin and a black LUNA go for Men should you have a significant other in your life.



Here are the benefits of using the LUNA go:

  •  Removes 99.5% of dirt and oil* plus makeup residue and dead skin cells
  •  Enhances the absorption of skin care products
  •  Refines skin texture and evens out the complexion
  •  Smooths and firms the skin’s appearance

*Based on clinical tests

Easy to Use

It is only one minute for cleansing and one minute for anti-aging, so you can quickly prep before rushing out the door to explore a new place or before falling into bed after a long night out. It also comes with a pouch for safe keeping from the sand you might collect in the bottom of your bag.

Interested? The LUNA go can be purchased here!