Find out all about the similarities and differences between FOREO’s BEAR range and NuFACE microcurrent devices.

Have you noticed all the buzz around microcurrent facials lately? This glorified beauty treatment is used to stimulate collagen production, firm skin and tone over 60 muscles in your face and neck. And nowadays you don’t have to book appointments and visit estheticians. Thanks to the impressive technology behind microcurrent devices, you can work out your face at home! 

But there’s many devices to choose from so if you’re looking for reviews, comparisons and in-depth tutorials, we scoured the internet to bring you the best of the best!


Kara from PureWow decided to test and review FOREO BEAR after seeing it in action on Instagram. And after a couple of treatments, Kara was left with just one regret:

The bottom line? I wish I’d given facial toning devices a try sooner.

Opposable thumbs blog

Joanne has been reviewing beauty & lifestyle products on her blog for over 12 years. However, some products still manage to surprise her. And our BEAR device did just that! She was already using NuFace Mini for 18 months when she got hold of BEAR. One of the things that blew her away was the Anti-shock system:

The anti-shock system used by Foreo is something I think will reassure anyone new to using a microcurrent device. This works by scanning your skin as you use the device, measuring your resistance to electricity at the rate of 100x per second. It then adjusts the microcurrent intensity (in just 0.002 seconds) to best suit your skin.

Unboxing Beauty

The unboxing beauty herself unboxed BEAR mini, followed the app tutorial and concluded she likes BEAR mini over her NuFACE because it was smaller, more compact and didn’t shock her face. She also loves the T-Sonic pulsations that come along with this might device!

This is a better alternative to NuFace Mini.  I found that I used this several times a week whereas my NuFace Mini was collecting dust ever since I purchased it the other year.  I really love that it doesn’t shock my face and therefore, I am more inclined to use it.  My skin looks more smooth and feels softer.

Blushed Life

Valerie loves all things skincare so she loved BEAR mini! She was kind enough to post very detailed instructions on how to use the device, along with pictures of the treatment and the results!

The BEAR mini did deliver on its skin tightening and contouring claims. I use the device every morning to depuff my swollen face and it works!

Beauty Beyond 40

Trina from “Beauty Beyond 40” focuses on beauty devices and skincare, so no wonder she wanted to try out our BEAR. In the video, she talks about how much she loves all of her microcurrent devices but remains impressed with BEAR’s unique features like the Anti-Shock system and the T-Sonic pulsations.


Briana is a wonderful YouTuber who went above and beyond to illustrate the differences between BEAR mini and NuFACE mini. She showed us how to use BEAR mini and the FOREO app. She even talked about Serm Serum Serum. Wanna check it out for yourself?


This nighttime skincare routine is perfect for fall and glowing skin. And what’s even better is that FoodishBeauty went all out. She used FOREO’s BEAR on one side of her face and NuFACE mini on the other! Curious about the results?

Mel Baena 

Mel compared BEAR and NuFACE Trinity, but she explained the differences between NuFACE mini, Trinity and Trix. She’s been using these microcurrent devices for quite some time and loves all of them but what really blew her away was FOREO’s signature T-Sonic pulsations that come with BEAR and BEAR mini!

Simply Ije

Ije loves microcurrent so she talked about various microcurrent devices at great length. She compared BEAR with NuFACE and Ziip! She also demonstrated how to use BEAR and provided some helpful tips & tricks!

Paulina Beauty

Paulina reviewed BEAR mini and talked about NuFACE mini. She loves how fast and easy BEAR is, adding that it takes her a lot longer to use her NuFACE which means she skips her treatments more often. And Paulina knows that microcurrent for your face is like going to the gym for your body – you have to be consistent for long term results.


Have you tried any at-home microcurrent devices? What are your thoughts? Please share in the comments below!