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On the market for an exceptional and super-gentle electric toothbrush? If you’re still unsure what’s best for you, we’ve compiled an array of ISSA 2 reviews to help you make the most informed choice for your pearly whites. A quick recap on the benefits of sonic wonder ISSA 2:

ISSA 2 incorporates ultra-hygienic medical-grade silicone and PBT polymer for a gentle brushing experience unlike any other. Each  USB charge powers up to 365 days of usage! Its unique hybrid brush head provides a soft gum massage while eliminating plaque with 2X the Sonic Pulse Technology and 16 adjustable speeds.

The secret to a good smile | FOREO ISSA 2 Review by Ryan Libbey

It takes 1 hour to charge this toothbrush which lasts for a year, which is just crazy! That means I could put it on charge now and go traveling around the world for 1 year and this would not run out of battery. That’s the mic drop moment! … they should take that technology and put it in my mobile phone.

Check out what more had “Made in Chelsea” reality TV star, model and personal trainer Ryan Libbey had to say about ISSA 2.

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Alongside the impeccably clean credentials, the silicone and polymer bristles sweep away plaque while preserving gum health, something that can’t always be said of harsher brush heads. The brush head is flexible, so you can easily access nooks and crannies, and the entire toothbrush is waterproof and light to hold, which means that you can take it into the shower and on holiday without any technical malfunctions or bulky baggage limit issues.

Expert in health and beauty, Get the Gloss’s writer Anna Hunter delves into all the details of what makes ISSA 2 the best choice for your teeth.

Beauty Stylus

I love the way my teeth feel totally cleaned but without any harsh brushing. On the back of the brush head is a handy tongue cleaner too. Gently vibrating, you can choose between Cobalt Blue, Mint, Pearl Pink like mine and Cool Black.

Helen Wilson-Beevers, writer and beauty editor for Marie Claire, Mother & Baby, Grazia and Cosmopolitan is a fan. Big fan!


The soft silicone coating on the Issa 2 makes it very comfortable to hold, and it’s also pleasantly ergonomic: reaching the troublesome back teeth is made easier by its gently curved neck. The brush head itself has soft silicone bristles surrounding more traditional white ones in the middle. That combination makes it easy to brush both teeth and gums without discomfort, even for a sensitive-tooth-haver like me.

When a writer draws a hero’s cape on your toothbrush it means they really, really like it, but you’ll have to see it for yourself – here!

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With a charge that can last 365 days, a unique silicone brush head and a stunning design, this is, possibly, the only sonic electric toothbrush that you could call desirable.

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