Meet Ryan Libbey, FOREO’s newest family member!

When he’s not shooting for the Made In Chelsea TV show, Ryan is running his London-based online personal training business. Along with his TV co-star girlfriend, Louise Thompson, Ryan has truly defined the term #CoupleGoals, capturing the glaring attention of mainstream media. Ryan’s mission is to scale the change he can bring to his clients and promote a healthy lifestyle.

What was the first touch with fitness and a healthy lifestyle? How did everything start?

I played a lot of sport growing up as a kid, the primary focus was rugby. For a short while, it seemed like rugby could have been my career, my life. But a few injuries and loss of love for the game drove me onto a different path. But I always knew that I wanted to be as closely involved with sports and keeping my fit as I could be, so I studied Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation at Bristol Uni for a year, then completed a 3 year Honours degree in Biomedicine and Sport Nutrition at Cardiff University. Having this knowledge has allowed me to carve a pretty good career in the fitness industry as a trainer and strength coach.

Describe Ryan Libbey’s typical day? How does your perfect day look like?

A typical day – up at 7 am, let the puppy out in the garden for a pee. Quick shower, then I take the pup out for a walk, grab a coffee en route and charge around the park with him for 30 minutes. Breakfast at home (poached eggs, bagel, avocado). Then I jump in the car or on the bike and head to client sessions from about 8:30-11:30. Then I usually train myself at one of my available gyms. The afternoons are usually spent with my computer, answering emails, filming videos for my online fitness community and planning for events later in the week.

What do you do to stay in such great shape? Is there any part of your workout routine that you enjoy the most?

I train 3-5 times a week – consistency is the key. There are times when I’d rather do anything but train, but I have a strong internal drive to be the best athlete I can be, so I’ll always show up to training. My favourite part of the session, probably the walk to and from the gym. It’s a contrast of emotions, on the way it’s upbeat and visualisation of the session ahead, and on the way back it’s dragging my legs home knowing that I’ve pushed myself and I’m a little closer to the end goal. I love it!

How do you take care of your skin before and after workouts?

I always have my LUNA fofo in my gym bag. So after my training, I usually finish up with a steam room to rid my body of the toxins. Before taking an icy cold shower, I’ll wash my face with LUNA fofo to further cleanse my skin. This really eradicates any grease and nasty build up on my skin, that is inevitable with training.

What are the secrets in your skincare routine?

There are no secrets – just that I use the LUNA fofo every day.

Ryan, what do you like about FOREO’s products? What is your favorite FOREO product and why?

I love the design, I love how easily transportable the products are. The lengthy battery time on all of the products means you really can take it anywhere and everywhere. To the gym (leave in your bag), on holiday, away on work trips, it is so convenient in that sense. The size of the products – they are small, snazzy gadgets that actually look pretty cool as well. My favourite product has to be LUNA fofo, purely down to the level of intelligence that FOREO has built into this product. The gold plated sensors can analyse the hydration and oil levels of your skin in seconds on different parts of your face. It comes back with a personalised cleansing routine effective for you. These instructions are presented on the FOREO app, which again is so user-friendly and slick.

What is the best fitness and wellbeing advice you would give your followers?

Do not lose patience or faith in the training system that you are following. It is not a sprint, its a marathon. It’s a series of marathons in fact. Training results take time and to getting them requires adherence, commitment, dedication and consistency. If it was easy, everyone would be in shape. No one ever said it was easy, but we all have the option to create the body we desire. If you want it enough, you will have it. Find your reason ‘why’ and you’ll never lack motivation.

Describe your favorite workout routine? What are the usual questions from your followers when it comes to fitness?

My favourite workout would have to be a full body complex. Starting off with a big compound movement, or 2. A snatch, or clean and jerk, squat, maybe even a squat thruster. Compound movements are what I enjoy the most, hands down. I feel most comfortable with a barbell in my hands. Then I move onto some smaller accessory movements, some more ‘bodybuilding’ style movements – like bicep curls, lateral raises, shrugs, tricep extensions, pec flys etc. Focus on high volume during this part of the session, lighter weight, but more reps and less rest between sets. I would then finish the session with a run or cycle – 2-5k run.

What do you do in your free time? Tell us a little about your favorite hobbies!

Free time, a lot of it now revolves around our puppy – Koji. Other hobbies would include country walks, motorcycling, cycling. I love live music, and of course, to travel.

What are your biggest wishes for the future?

To open a gym of my own, to help as many people as I possibly can to get fit and healthy, to have a family with Louise.