How to get from the TSA line to your destination while being totally relaxed.

While going on a summer trip is incredibly exciting, getting to your destination can be a real pain. But we’ve devised a plan to get you through packing, the lengthy TSA line, the flight, and finally to your destination without stress. After all, isn’t relaxation the whole point of going on a vacation?

Before Your Trip

Visit Your Bank

Currency exchange rates at the airport are notoriously high. So save money by exchanging  foreign currency at your bank. Be sure to check your international transaction fees and let your bank know that you are traveling so there are no hangups when you start purchasing abroad.


Skip The TSA Line

Just the thought of standing in a line of a hundred germy people and walking through the X-ray machine barefoot gives us anxiety. Luckily, you can get through the line quicker (like a VIP) by signing up for TSA PreCheck, which gives you access to an expedited (and shorter) TSA line when traveling on domestic and international flights departing from the U.S.


Pack Little Luxuries

Your carry-on doesn’t have to be stuffed to the brim to have a good trip. Pack smartly so you aren’t lugging a heavy suitcase around the airport, but make sure also you pack mini indulgences to stay comfortable. Pack a jacket to stay warm, a sheet mask to hydrate, a LUNA™ play to refresh your skin, and snacks to keep you happy (not hangry!) during the flight.

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In The TSA Line

Wear a Simple Outfit

The easiest way to get through the security line is to wear simple clothing. Ditch extra accessories like belts, watches, and lace-up footwear. This way, you’ll have less items to take off and put back on. You’ll also be less likely to forget your favorite belt at the security checkpoint if it’s already safely stowed away in your suitcase. Can’t live without your watch? Stick it into your carry-on on the way to the airport and put it back on once you’ve cleared security.


Know Where Your Electronics Are

No one wants to be the person digging in their bag to fish out their buried laptop. Keep your laptop in an easy-to-reach spot in your bag (like the outside pocket) to move swiftly through security. Having your electronics easily accessible not only keeps you from holding up the line, but it also saves you from the eyerolls and glares of TSA agents and fellow passengers.


On The Flight

Break Out the Hand Wipes

Airplane armrests, trays, and bathrooms carry millions of germs. Keep yourself healthy on the plane by packing a travel-friendly bag of antibacterial wipes and some hand sanitizer. When you first take your seat, clean all the areas that you’ll touch during the journey, like your armrest and tray table, because no one wants to be sick on their epic vacation.


Beat Jet Lag

When you’re taking a red-eye but just can’t seem to fall asleep, take melatonin. This over-the-counter remedy will safely lull you to sleep so you can get your body’s sleep cycle in sync with your new time zone. But before you doze off, set your watch to the time at your destination to know when you should be asleep and when you should be awake. This will get you on local time with ease.


Get Comfy

Though airplane seats aren’t synonymous with comfort, with the right essentials you can bundle up like a baby with ease. After braving the weird looks with your mini  sheet mask facial, tuck a pillow behind your neck and throw on a travel blanket to help you fall asleep. Before you know it, you’ll be landing at your destination.


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At Your Destination

Refresh Your Skin

The best way to wake up your skin after a long, tiring flight is to wash your face. Now’s your time to break out that LUNA play to wash away all of the germs and gunk you picked up on the plane.


Rehydrate and Moisturize

After washing your face, massage in your moisturizer to boost circulation and rehydrate your skin. Also chug some water to help hydrate your skin from the inside out. Then, reapply sunscreen to ensure that you’re protected for your vacation adventure.


Stretch It Out

When you get to your hotel room, stretch out your tight muscles. Do a round of sun salutations to relax your body after a prolonged period of sitting. Now that you’ve finally made it, you’re officially ready to explore your awesome destination.