We Want To Hear It From You : Does The World Really Reward Beauty?

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Do looks pay off in the workplace? Help us get to the bottom of this burning question.

You might have heard people say “looks aren’t everything”… but how true is that when it comes to the workplace? Doesn’t everyone try to put their best foot forward — or rather, best face forward — when it comes to getting their dream job? And more importantly, does it pay off? Well, we’re here to get some answers on this hot topic, and we need YOUR help.

All you have to do is click the link below, and reply to these simple questions. In return, we’re giving 10 lucky participants their very own celebrity endorsed LUNA 2 devices for glowing summer skin!

Looks like this survey is officially closed, but the fun isn’t over yet! 10 people that participated in the questionnaire have been chosen to win their very own LUNA 2 devices, so don’t forget to check your emails — you just might be one of our lucky FOREO winners.

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