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The Answers To Your UFO™ 2 Questions Are Here!

FOREO UFO 2 device in pearl pink together with a FOREO facial mask

Find the answers to all the burning questions about UFO 2, FOREO's deep facial hydration device. 


Innovative beauty tech can seem confusing at first glance. However, once you start engaging with it, you’ll soon discover it’s actually designed specifically with you in mind. UFO™ 2 is packed with cool features like the full spectrum of LED light therapyT-Sonic™ pulsations, and both Thermo-Therapy warming and Cryo-Theraphy cooling effects. We want you to explore these features and get the most out of technology that makes your skin look amazing. That’s why we’re here to answer all the common questions about this skin-perfecting device.  


What Are the Differences Between UFO™ and UFO™ 2?

To put it simply, aside from cooling, depuffing, and calming Cryo-Therapy, which you can find in both devices, UFO™ 2 steps up the game with ultra-fast heating Thermo-Therapy, which helps push the mask ingredients deep into the skin, making your skincare more effective. Additionally, UFO™ 2 includes a full spectrum of LED lights that help to visibly revitalize the skin. For those keen on digging deeper, we've got an article dedicated to breaking down all the differences between these two innovative devices.  

When Do the Results Appear?

Great news - the results appear in just 90 seconds! You will start noticing the results immediately since UFO™ 2 has been clinically proven to increase skin moisture by 126% in under 2 minutes, while the results last up to 6 hours. FOREO's goal was to save you time and turn your 20-minute skincare routine into an otherworldly 90-second treatment by not compromising on the quality of it. Your skin will feel refreshed and look glowy already after a single use. To achieve a lasting impact and improve your skin's health in the long run, make UFO™ 2 a regular part of your beauty routine.  

What Is the Difference Between UFO™ 2 and UFO™ Mini 2?

While both devices offer a 2-minute supercharged facial treatment, the main difference is the calming cryo-therapy, exclusive to UFO™ 2. This cooling treatment provides a firmer-looking complexion by shrinking the appearance of pores and reducing inflammation. Certain UFO™ activated masks require the cooling feature, making UFO™ mini 2 incompatible with the entire UFO™ mask range.  

What Are the Benefits of Cryo-Therapy for the Face?

Cryo-therapy uses extremely low temperatures to treat skin conditions, shrink the appearance of pores, work as an anti-inflammatory, and reduce puffiness and visible wrinkles. The result? Visibly more lifted and firmer skin. 

Which UFO™ Activated Masks Use Cryo-Therapy?

There are three UFO™ Activated Mask collections available: 

Advanced Collection 2.0, inspired by Korean skincare with 5 highly-concentrated formulas, each targeting a specific skin concern

Farm to Face Collection, made with pure, organic ingredients

Daily Duo Collection, with a morning and evening ultra-hydrating nourishing masks.    


Two masks from the Advanced Collection 2.0 use Cryo-therapy: Matte Maniac 2.0 and Shimmer Freak 2.0. 


Extra purifying Matte Maniac 2.0 is infused with charcoal to help to draw oil, dirt, and bacteria to the skin's surface, gently removing the toxins in the process. This formula is designed for those with excess oil who wish to minimize the appearance of pores and imperfections. Cooling Cryo-therapy calms skin and locks in mattifying serum. 


Caffeine-infused Shimmer Freak 2.0 contains light-reflecting particles that instantly diminish the look of dark circles. Paired with UFO™ 2, it refreshes the delicate skin around the eye contour and soothes tired eyes. Cryo-therapy helps to reduce puffiness around the eyes in the process.   


Two masks from the Farm to Face Collection take advantage of the cooling feature: Bulgarian Rose and Green Tea. 


Bulgarian Rose mask is infused with all-natural rose water that, thanks to the sugars and natural oils found in rose petals, helps to trap moisture in the skin, making it look smoother and softer. This lightweight formula helps transform dull, dry skin in minutes and uses Cryo-therapy to calm and soothe the skin.  


Green Tea mask possesses potent antioxidants that help protect the skin against environmental toxins. Its additional skin-soothing properties help to purify and condition the skin, leaving it fresh and healthy-looking. Soothing green LED combines with Cryo-therapy to calm skin and lock in purifying Japanese green tea.  

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What Are the Benefits of Warming Thermo-Therapy for the Face?

Thermo-Therapy, UFO™’s signature technology, uses a gentle heat to offer the most luxurious facial treatment possible. Heating to the perfect temperature for your skin, Thermo-Therapy helps soften and prep skin to absorb the full benefits of skincare ingredients. Adding heat to any skincare treatment also helps boost skin’s radiance by loosening sebum on the surface of skin.  

FOREO UFO™ 2 device

Which UFO™ Activated Masks Use Thermo-Therapy?

All of UFO™ Activated Masks, except Shimmer Freak, use warming thermo-therapy to help the active ingredients from your mask absorb deep into the skin, where they work best - for optimal hydration and results. Since Shimmer Freak is developed specifically to refresh the delicate skin around the eyes, it only uses cooling cryo-therapy, blue and red LED lights, and T-Sonic™ pulsations to soothe and brighten tired eyes.  

What Are the Benefits of Full-Spectrum LED Therapy for the Face?

LED therapy is a gentle, non-invasive, and effective way to rejuvenate and transform the skin - so it looks youthful, radiant, and revitalized. UFO™ 2 devices feature a full spectrum of LED lights, each with its own wavelength to target different skin needs. We explained the benefits of LED light therapy in more detail in one of our previous posts. We also wrote detailed guides on red LED lightgreen LED light, and blue LED light  

What Are the Benefits of T-Sonic™ Massage for the Face?

The ‘T’ in T-Sonic™ stands for transdermal, named so because these pulsations travel through the outer layers of skin. The T-Sonic™ pulsations gently massage the face - and when directed onto wrinkle-prone areas, they help relax facial muscle tension points and smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 


They also reduce puffiness and the look of dark circles and increase the absorption of your mask (as well as any other serums or creams you apply), thus enhancing their efficacy and delivering deep and long-lasting hydration.  

Can You Use Other Masks With UFO™ 2 for Cryotherapy, Thermotherapy, and LED Lights to Still Work?

UFO™ Activated masks have been developed by experts specifically for UFO™ deep hydration devices. This means that by using them, you are taking full advantage of all the features of the device and, hence, getting the maximum results.  UFO™ 2

How can I change the LED light therapy when using UFO 2?

You can personalize your facial treatments by creating your very own facial routines via the FOREO For You app. On the app, you can choose your preferred LED light, T-Sonic™ pulsation level and decide whether you wish your personalized routine to include Thermo-Therapy or Cryo-Therapy.  

How Do You Apply Other Skincare? After or Before Using UFO™ 2?

When layering your skincare, the most important thing to remember is to cleanse first and moisturize last to seal everything in. If you use a toner, use it after cleansing and then treat your face to a UFO™ facial session. If you use serums or eye creams, use them after your facials. And above all, after your morning routine, please remember to wear sunscreen!  

Are There Any Active Ingredients That Don’t Get Along With UFO™ 2?

We always recommend using UFO™ Activated masks, specifically designed to be used with UFO™ devices. Those masks don't contain ingredients such as retinol, which could irritate some skin types. If you're experimenting with your skincare routine and experiencing breakouts, it's possible that your skin isn't getting along with some of the active ingredients. Seek out the advice of your dermatologist to find out more.   

What Benefits Does the Device Provide?

UFO™ 2 is based on hyper-infusion technology. That means it uses heating from the Thermo-Therapy to open up pores and infuse skincare ingredients into the deepest layers of the skin. On the other side, the cooling effect of Cryo-Therapy therapy shrinks the appearance of pores and provides a firmer-looking complexion. 


T-Sonic™ pulsations deliver a soothing facial massage and boost radiance. Full-spectrum LED light therapy helps your skin reap the benefits of 8 different light wavelengths. To top it off, the FOREO For You App helps you use and control the device & create personalized supercharged facial routines. It's like a spa-quality facial that you can have from the comfort of your home.

Is There Any Proven Scientific Research Behind UFO™ 2?

There’s a clinical study conducted by SGS Laboratories that focused on the overall efficiency and skin improvement of UFO™ Activated Masks with UFO™ devices versus UFO™ Activated Masks alone. The study was conducted over a 28-day period, and it involved 24 female subjects aged 18 to 35. The verdict? The study found that the device indeed improved skin’s overall appearance. UFO™ Activated Masks used together with UFO™ devices are more effective than the sheet masks alone and deliver immediate and long-lasting moisture; plus, the device proved to be a great anti-aging tool by significantly reducing the appearance of wrinkles in just 7 days. 


Can I Use it for Cooling Myself With Cryo-Therapy on a Hot Summer Night?

The better question would be – why not? Open up your FOREO For You App and go all out!

Is It Good for Acne?

Absolutely! Thanks to its LED light therapy, this device helps fight acne and breakouts while calming stressed-out skin. The Blue LED light destroys P. acnes bacteria, stabilizes overactive oil production, and mitigates inflamed acne. Meanwhile, the Cyan LED light is anti-inflammatory, calming stressed-out skin and promoting healing. To top it off, the purple LED light helps eliminate toxins and accelerates healing.

How Often Should I Use UFO™ 2?

You can use it as often as you like. Some people do facials daily in their morning and evening routines, while others opt for the nourishing treatment a few times a week. It’s best to start slowly (once or twice a week) and work your way up so as not to shock or overwhelm your skin. This goes for other skincare products as well, especially if you’re a skincare novice who’s still trying to establish a good routine. Then you really have to keep one thing in mind - slow and steady wins the race!  

Will You Have New Colors at Some Point?

It’s hard to know what the future will bring, but for now, you have Pearl Pink, Black, Fuchsia, and Mint to choose from!   

UFO™ 2 and UFO™ Glow Addict Masks

Hopefully, we answered most of your burning questions about the device that will bring the benefits of 5 spa treatments to the comfort of your home. Let us know in the comments below if you have more!  

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MYSA user avatar
Kinza 08/01/2021

I just bought my first Foreo. I purchased the UFO2.

Is it normal for it to make like a shaver type of grinding noise when the pulsation dare on? It’s not loud but when I move it around my face it goes from a vibrational noise to a sort of grinding noise. Not constantly but on and off throughout the treatment when I’m moving the device around my face. Thanks

MYSA user avatar
carly 16/02/2021

In reply to by Kinza


Hi Kinza, Thank you for your post! We would recommend that you contact our Customer Care Team who can then assist you further with this. It may be the case that the attachment ring is vibrating against the metal panel but they can check for sure with a video. :)

MYSA user avatar
Sararat 09/01/2021

Hi, Im from Thailand and now I also having the same problem with Demi (the 1st comment) I dont know why too, trying so hard in many times, temperature was not change both heat and cool, really sad right now ;((((

MYSA user avatar
carly 16/02/2021

In reply to by Sararat


Dear Sararat, we recommend that you contact our FOREO Customer Care Team on FOREO.COM who would look into this for you are assist you further so you can use your device fully. We hope this helps :)

MYSA user avatar
Parminder Kaur 11/01/2021


I have UFO 2. Which mask is best for dark spots/freckles?

MYSA user avatar
carly 16/02/2021

In reply to by Parminder Kaur


Dear Parminder, We would recommend for dull skin that need a pick me up Glow Addict Mask. This has brightening properties that help skin glow. This along with the use of a good SPF will help prevent skin damage from the elements to help dark spots and freckles darken less. :)

MYSA user avatar
Patz 12/01/2021

I just bought UFO2 and my question is can I use another cotton pad with the rest of serum remain in the pack ? For example, i use tonight and keep the rest serum in the zip lock and use tomorrow night with the new cotton pad ?

MYSA user avatar
carly 16/02/2021

In reply to by Patz


Dear Patz, Thank you for your post and good question! With the extra Serum that is in the pack, you can use this for the neck and decolletage area as this area is often left out when skincare is concerned. After treatment with the UFO you can apply the extra serum with your hands and with upwards sweeping movements apply the serum. The extra serum applied to a cotton pad may be fully absorbed by the cotton so you may find it tricky to then apply it to your skin at a later stage. Hope this helps :)

MYSA user avatar
Cecilia 19/01/2021

1. Can I use foreo 2 ufo without a mask, only with heat and LED lights + vibration? (On bare skin)

2. Can I use it after my daycream? (Applying the daycream on face and then using foreo)

MYSA user avatar
carly 16/02/2021

In reply to by Cecilia


Hi Cecilia, The masks have a pre-set routine that was developed specifically for them to give you the best treatment and pull out mask benefits. But of course, if you want a custom routine, you can safely use LED lights alone on the device without the masks too. You can adjust manually a routine you wish to use on the device in the app settings. Choose a different LED Light heating or cooling or none, and pulsations.


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