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The Evolution of Your Favorite Cleansing Brush LUNA™

FOREO LUNA collection of facial cleansing brushes on a dark stage

Filip Sedic’s wife Ivana has always been passionate about skincare, and for their anniversary in 2012, he gifted her the so-called best cleansing brush on the market. But after several weeks, Ivana started to feel this new brush was doing more harm than good. Taking a closer look, Filip quickly realized that its nylon bristles were a magnet for bacteria while being far too abrasive on delicate facial skin. Even more surprising was the fact that a hygienic, gentler alternative simply did not exist. The engineer in Filip set about creating what would become FOREO’s flagship LUNA range. A new solution was born by applying transdermal sonic pulsations instead of harsh rotating brush-strokes and ditching the nylon for medical-grade silicone. More than 15 million FOREOs have been delivered to date, and it was the choice of silicone, the very same material found on Neil Armstrong’s boots — that inspired the LUNA’s now famous name. And here’s a story about your favorite cleansing brush. https://www.foreo.com/mysa/foreo-luna-safest-cleansing-brush/

LUNA 4 - the latest generation

Not only did LUNA successfully change the way we think about cleansing, but assisted with lymphatic drainage, blood circulation, hygienic cleansing, better absorption of skincare, and all through FOREO’s patent technology of T-Sonic Pulsations. This phenomenal technology has paved the way for beauty tech and stood the test of time. Not only has it been booming for a decade in the industry as one of the best-selling beauty technologies in the market, but will continue to dominate in the next decade. The LUNA collection has now extended itself to multiple generations that have upgraded over time. FOREO’s most recent LUNA 4 collection, debuts its LUNA 4 Body device, the first of body cleansing & massaging devices to enter the collection alongside the LUNA 4 facial cleansing device collection. The entire collection shines with clinically backed results cleansing 99% of all dirt, oil, bacteria, and makeup residue off the skin and their famous T-Sonic™ Pulsation technology. https://www.foreo.com/mysa/which-foreo-luna-is-the-right-pick-for-you/ In addition, LUNA™ 4 Plus includes unparalleled technology of red LED light rejuvenation, Near-Infrared LED Heated cleansing, Microcurrent facial and neck toning, alternate and customizable cleansing modes, and in-App personalization. LUNA™ 4 collection is proof that FOREO continues to break industry standards as they deliver above and beyond.

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