From the teething stage to tooth fairy visits, kids’ dental care is important.



Keeping those baby teeth healthy will help your child bite, chew, and speak properly. But preventing toddler tooth decay is often easier said than done, because kids can find brushing uncomfortable or even scary. If your child doesn’t like to brush, you are not alone! The good news is, developing proper brushing habits doesn’t have to be difficult for you or your little one. Here are some of our top tips for clean baby teeth and healthy gums!


1. Make it part of the routine

Trying to brush your child’s teeth right before bedtime may be more difficult, because they are often tired and thus, uncooperative. Brushing should be made a relaxing, enjoyable experience whenever possible. Since all ISSA toothbrushes are waterproof, brushing in the bath is an excellent option.


2. Play copycat!

Toddlers love to copy whatever parents do, but still want to do everything by themselves.  So, why not brush together? Baby can mimic you in the mirror, and even though they might not do a thorough job, it’s a good way to get them used to the idea of brushing their own teeth.


3. When in doubt – offer rewards!

Setting up a reward system is a tried-and-true way to encourage kids of any age to brush. ISSA mikro and ISSA mini are equipped with Smile Helpers, making it easy for you to tell when kiddos have brushed for a full 2 minutes. Trade your child some screen time or a favorite sticker if they brush long enough to see a smiley face on their toothbrush!


4. Make it fun!

Try asking your toddler to say “cheeeese” or roar like a lion to brush different parts of the mouth, and to make brushing more like a game. You can also try singing a favorite song; it’s fun and helps more anxious children recognize that brushing has a time limit.


5. Offer choices

Allowing your child to be in control of their brushing whenever possible will build confidence and make brushing more enjoyable. Having a toothbrush that they have chosen is a great place to start. ISSA mikro and ISSA mini are now available at Best Buy, so you can take your little one into the store and let them choose a new electric toothbrush in their favorite color!


Happy brushing!