It is such a pleasure to be on the blog. My name is Dr. Prasanthi, and I am a General Practitioner and Cosmetic Doctor based in Sydney, Australia. I am passionate about clarifying and simplifying skin for consumers and like to think about skin health holistically, beyond just using topical skincare to improve our skin.

In a sea of information out there, I hope to increase consumer access to the correct information from health professionals like myself, deep diving into the science behind skincare ingredients, and thinking about how lifestyle factors can impact the skin. This helps patients and consumers make informed decisions before spending their hard-earned money on products! 

My thoughts on FOREO’s UFO 2

The thing I love about the UFO 2 is that the device not only feels great on the skin, but its tech specs also help to improve hydration which in turn aids the barrier function of the skin. A strong moisturized skin barrier is key in helping to keep skin issues such as eczema, acne, rosacea, and more at bay. Simplicity is sometimes the key to unlocking your best skin and I cannot stress the importance of something as humble as moisturizing our skin.

Specifically, the device has thermotherapy which increases blood flow to the skin, which is especially important in the winter months when blood vessels are constricting in the cooler weather and can make us look sallow and pale. Full spectrum LED allows you to tweak the device to the right color spectrum to address your specific skin issues e.g. red for stimulating fibroblasts to make collagen, and blue for killing acne-causing bacteria. The T-sonic massage increases blood flow too and brings a spa-like experience into the comfort of the home

The Make My Day mask contains hyaluronic acid (a humectant moisturizer) and red algae extract which is rich in polysaccharides that assist in repairing barrier function and increase its water retaining capacity. The latter is also rich in polyphenols which have antioxidant activity to fight nasty free radicals created by UV radiation, pollution, etc, and can damage the skin.

The results of using UFO 2 

My skin felt visibly more hydrated and plump and provided a really great base to then apply makeup (of which I felt I needed less of!). I liked to use the device as a moment to be mindful, the whole sensory experience felt very indulgent and relaxing.

The results after I’ve let UFO 2 do its magic and let the serum-y goodness absorb into my skin.

How I incorporate UFO 2 into my skincare routine

UFO 2 and Make My Day Mask is great to use in the mornings before work, or prior to a night out or event. After cleansing my face with some warm water, I will usually apply my serum of choice that morning (I alternate between Skinceuticals CE Ferulic Vitamin C and L’ORIENT’s pigmentation serum). I will wait approx 2 mins and then go in with the mask and UFO 2 device to hydrate the skin and just enjoy some time for myself in the chaos of the morning

Dr. Prasanthi uses UFO 2 with the ultra-hydrating Make My Day mask.

In winter, I will apply an emollient/occlusive moisturizer thereafter to reduce further transepidermal water loss and lock in all that goodness the hyaluronic acid is doing (For a splurge, I enjoy Tatcha Dewy Cream but also use CeraVe’s AM moisturizer). Then I will apply sunscreen (I like Black Girl Sunscreen in Winter and have been using L’ORIENT’s sunscreen in the summer).

Who is this device for? 

This device is great for everyone. No matter what type of skin you have, hydrated skin is the key to a strong healthy skin barrier, which is the skin’s primary function! Hydrated skin reduces the chance of nasties getting through the barrier, and helps to regulate oil production that in excess can contribute to acne. It is a versatile tool safe for all skin types and tones.

If Dr. Prasanthi’s review of our UFO 2 has sparked your interest in the supercharged facial masking device, find out more about it here. If you enjoyed Dr. Prasanthi’s words of wisdom, you can find her on Instagram and Tik Tok.

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