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What's new in the beauty-tech world?

LED light therapy, smart mirrors and augmented reality - the future is here. The beauty-tech world is best described as extremely exciting. It’s a consumer-oriented field where personalization is important and innovation is essential. No wonder impressive products and new technologies emerge every year. Let’s take a look at the newest developments!

Smart mirrors

Human beings spend a good chunk of their time on personal grooming. On average, we spend 5 hours a week in front of the mirror. To make those hours as enjoyable as possible, companies are coming up with smart mirrors. These mirrors come in various shapes and sizes and more importantly, with various features. Music streaming, social media, news and weather updates, skin analysis, Google Assistant or Amazon’s Alexa - you name it.

Try-on Apps & AR

Virtual try-on apps are increasing in popularity by the minute. At first these were fun and playful apps aimed at trying out new hairstyles or silly accessories. Soon big brands caught up and improved on the technology. Now Benefit’s Brow Try-On is a must for anyone thinking about changing their brow shape. Meanwhile Sephora launched its own Virtual Artist App to boost their online shopping experience. Even Samsung applied this technology to its smartphones - in a new feature called Bixby vision. This mode uses AR and lets you try on anything from sunglasses and makeup to furniture. That’s right, furniture! Buying a new bed? Place the AR version into your room to make sure it's a good fit. Long live convenience!

LED Light Therapy Masking

Light therapy uses different wavelengths of light to treat different skin conditions. It’s a revolutionary skincare technique all on its own. Once upon a time this level of care was only available at the dermatologist’s office. Nowadays people from around the world can indulge in this celebrated treatment. There are a couple of different options out there, but FOREO, being the leading innovator in beauty-tech, took things to a whole other level. Our UFO 2 device features full-spectrum LED light therapy, as well as warming and cooling technology and T-Sonic soundwaves. It’s also extremely smart - the device connects to the FOREO app and guides you through the routines. Innovation at its finest!



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