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Get Your Freak On: My Week Using FOREO’s Shimmer Freak Eye Mask

UFO Shimmer Freak Mask
Eyes on the prize. Working in the beauty industry, I am exposed to a myriad of skincare products and ingredients that I have strong opinions about. So, when it comes to my eye contour, I take products very seriously. Over the course of the past year, I have found my under eye to be very irritated and surrounded by dark circles, leaving me no choice but to spend sumptuous amounts of money on eye creams, serums, the works. Although I’ve had some success brightening my eye contour with the help of eye creams, I never gave eye masks a thought. So, when asked to review FOREO’s UFO Activated Shimmer Freak Mask, I jumped at the chance to try something new. Read below for my week with Shimmer Freak and decide for yourself if it really is a saving grace product for the eyes.

Step 1: Prep T-Sonic pulsations and red LED light combine with Cryo-Therapy to awaken tired eyes. Step 2: Illuminate Cryo-Therapy helps reduce puffiness, while red LED light and gentle T-Sonic pulsations facilitate absorption of the illuminating caffeine formula. Step 3: Refresh Blue LED light is activated to help diminish the appearance of dark circles, leaving you looking refreshed.

Days 1-4

Shimmer Freak is a UFO Activated Mask for the eye contour that promises to illuminate your skin and banish signs of fatigue in only 90 seconds. With the help of ingredients such as caffeine, the microfiber mask and UFO’s signature Cyro-Therapy work together to refresh and awaken tired eyes. Adding the Shimmer Freak Mask to my morning skincare routine for the first four days of my week was definitely a treat. The cooling effect of Cryo-Therapy combined with the soothing texture of the mask on my skin was the perfect combination of relaxing and refreshing.  

Day 5

Although my body might be technically awake in the early hours of the morning, my skin doesn’t always follow suit. The caffeine-infused ingredients in Shimmer Freak certainly helped give my under eyes a boost, making them feel and look more awake than usual.  

Day 6

My favorite thing about using the Shimmer Freak Mask is the light reflecting particles in the formula which give my under eyes a subtle glow. As someone who uses concealer under the eyes every morning, this made my base smoother, brighter and ready for application.    

Day 7

I know an eye mask alone can only help my dark circles so much, proper moisturizing, hydration, and the right amount of sleep also play a big role in my skin’s health - however I do feel like the mask certainly improved my dark circles and made my skin feel more awake than usual.  

Is Shimmer Freak Right for You?

If you’re looking to refresh your eyes in the morning with a hint of shimmer, look no further. This mask is the perfect way to start your day!    



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Cătălin Gafencu 26/12/2021

That's very nice.

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carly 28/12/2021

In reply to by Cătălin Gafencu


Hi, hi, hi! Thank you! Stay tuned for more interesting articles coming soon :)

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Ray Watson 09/07/2022

Using derma lmd dark circle removal serum from 2 months now I am someone with sensitive skin. I had dark circles that were too intense and dark. It helped in fading away those darkness. I used it on alternate days


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