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Five Reasons Why LUNA 2 Elevates Your Skincare Routine

Find out why your skin needs LUNA 2. The brush that started it all, there’s lots to love about FOREO’s signature facial cleanser. It’s USB rechargeable, totally travel friendly, and looks great on any bathroom counter! This wildly popular brush has a lot going on. Still on the fence? Read on to discover five ways LUNA 2 will exceed your skincare expectations!  
  1. It’s Personal: Customized Cleansing

With four different LUNA 2 models available, each sporting a brush head tailor-made for specific skin types, there really is a skin saver for everyone. Choose from Combination (blue), Normal (pink), Oily (teal), or Sensitive (lavender) for a customized approach to cleansing. How do they differ, you ask? It’s all in the touch-points: thin for minimal abrasion, broad for deeper cleansing of oily patches, and gradated for precision cleaning. Unsure which is right for you? Take the quiz! [embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OejbSErw3lM&t=22s[/embed]  
  1. A Cleanse Superior To Manual Cleansing

Touching, holding, stroking: hands are good for a lot of things. But when it comes to cleaning your face effectively, they have one major shortcoming. Hands don’t pulsate. With 12 customizable intensities, LUNA 2 channels 8,000 T-Sonic pulsations through ultra-soft silicone touch-points for the ideal balance between deep cleansing and gentleness. Specifically, it lifts 99.5% of dirt and oil - including makeup residue - while gently exfoliating away dead skin cells and unclogging pores in a quick one-minute routine.  
  1. Ultra Hygienic

When you think about it, medical-grade silicone makes so much sense for a facial cleanser, you’ll wonder why any other material is ever used! With LUNA 2, not only does it make the brush a whopping 35 times more hygienic than conventional nylon models, it actually resists bacterial buildup. For a device that’s not just designed to clean, but also sits on your bathroom counter, that’s a definite plus. What’s more, it’s completely waterproof, meaning you can even use it in the shower! LUNA 2
  1. Value for Money: No Replacement Heads

An altogether smarter skincare investment, LUNA 2, like all facial cleansers by FOREO, requires zero replacement brush heads - ever! Not only does that spell significant savings, but it also means less waste. In other words, win-win! But that’s not all: whichever cleansing gel, foam, or soap you use, LUNA 2 has been shown to make it go further - meaning you’ll use less. It also increases skin’s absorbency of any post-cleansing moisturizers or serums for added value at every step.  
  1. Wrinkles, Be Gone!

Whether you plan on aging gracefully or quickly, if you’re looking for a non-invasive way to keep fine lines at bay, LUNA 2 is the answer! A ridged reverse side channels lower-frequency pulsations for a relaxing facial massage that visibly reduces wrinkles around the eyes and mouth, leaving skin looking lifted and firm. Use for just one minute each day and say hello to younger-looking skin.  

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