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Five Reasons Why FOREO Silicone Toothbrushes Beat Electric Toothbrushes

FOREO ISSA™ 2 5 Reasons

When upping your oral care game, note that not all toothbrushes are created equal! For unbeatable brushing and hygiene that’s hard to surpass, ISSA™ 2 by FOREO is the answer. The latest in a range spanning adult models to brushes for babies, there’s an ISSA™ for wherever life takes you. Still unsure? Here are five reasons why you NEED this toothbrush in your life!


  1. Silicone Is More Hygienic Than Nylon

Did you know that there are around 70 different types of bacteria living in the not-so-average mouth? Of course, many of those are doing an important job of keeping our oral health in check - but by no means all! Your bathroom counter is inevitably exposed to all kinds of germs, which can make keeping your toothbrush sanitary a challenge. ISSA™ 2 combines ultra-hygienic medical-grade silicone with a hybrid PBT polymer brush head. Easy to clean, it’s also significantly more hygienic than conventional nylon - and actually resistant to bacteria!

  1. Impossible to overbrush

We all know how important it is to keep teeth clean, but combine those good intentions with traditional nylon-bristled brushes and you have a recipe for overbrushing! This could result in damaged tooth enamel, receding gums - and stern words from your dentist. ISSA™ 2 channels sonic pulsations to create micro-sweeps that gently clean teeth and gums, while super soft silicone material not only flexes to the contours of your mouth, it actually inhibits over-brushing.


  1. Travel Friendly: ISSA 2's Super Battery Power

Frequent flyer? With the exception of ISSA™ play, all ISSA™ toothbrushes are USB-chargeable, meaning they’re a cinch to charge anywhere in the world. Not only does that mean no bulky charging dock to weigh you down - or clutter up your bathroom counter - a one-hour charge sees ISSA 2 through an impressive 365 days of use! What’s more, they’re all surprisingly lightweight, and each adult model comes with a handy carry case.

  1. Exceptional Value For Your Money

ISSA™ 2 represents an all-round smarter oral care investment. Why? Because, unlike standard electric toothbrushes, its revolutionary brush heads last for six months. And for sufferers of sensitive teeth, there’s even better value to be had with FOREO’s recently launched ISSA™ 2 Sensitive set. Comprising one brush and two heads - one in extra soft silicone and the other hybrid - these tailored solutions go a full year before needing replacing!

Woman brushing her teeth with FOREO ISSA
  1. Design Awards: It Looks Great!

Sleek, modern, and unashamedly stylish, ISSA 2 is like no toothbrush you’ve seen before! For starters, it’s made from ultra-hygenic (and even better-looking) silicone. It’s also surprisingly elegant: quick to recharge via USB, there’s no ugly docking station to clutter up your sink! Finally, look at those colors - from Cool Black, to fresh and funky Mint, and the prettiest Pearl Pink, they make a brilliant addition to any bathroom!

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