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Review Roundup: FOREO LUNA fofo smart skin care device


Smarten Up Your Skincare

We’re all unique, so why don’t we treat our skin the same way? FOREO’s LUNA fofo is the smart facial cleansing brush that we all need. Obviously, it cleanses with its super hygienic silicone bristles, but did you know it can also read your skin’s moisture levels? Finally, a device that can give my skin a beauty routine that’s perfect for me. Read on below to learn how LUNA fofo’s smart skincare approach changed my morning routine for good!  

“Sometimes, your skincare routine needs a wakeup call. Mine came in the form of the LUNA fofo.”

“The skin score alone was enough to make me doubt my self-care habits. More alarmingly, my skin was actually two years older than I was—a far cry from the “five years younger” I was expecting. Looking at the stats, I realized I needed to take better care of myself before it was too late.” “Ever since I saw my score, I became determined to change that. I now use my LUNA fofo on a daily basis. Since I started using the LUNA fofo, my skin looks better and feels better. I understand why my friend was raving about hers. If you want to get a real, honest look at your skin and improve your skin’s appearance, give FOREO’s LUNA fofo a try. You’ll be amazed at what one little device can do.” Ossiana’s take on this face massager for Blush is something we can all relate to; we might not be taking care of our skin as well as we think we are! But, better late than never. Read Ossiana’s humorous review of the LUNA fofo right here.

“When the app gives you your ‘Skin Score’, it will also customise your cleansing routine, giving you on-screen instructions on where to focus your cleanse.”

“The Foreo Luna Fofo feels very much like the first step towards a genuinely customised advice service based on your actual face.” “The idea being that you analyse your face regularly and switch up your routine as the skin on your face changes and improves. All of this sounds great, and the way the product works itself really does feel quite revolutionary.” “For now though, the cleansing brush is amazing, and my skin is beginning to feel softer, smoother and less congested, so the product itself is giving me the results I was hoping for.” Halima, writing for Glamour, tells us just how this face massager helped her combination/oily skin in a review so detailed that you’ll feel like you already tried it yourself! See her thoughts on the LUNA fofo here.  

“Each week, we checked in with our skin using the sensor test, and while in the first week there was no change, our skin ‘score’ gradually increased, and we were given different cleansing routines to match.”

“We used the Fofo for a month (we can’t say we did it twice a day religiously, but we did use it nearly every day for a month) and we did see a considerable difference.” “The personalized routine means you’ll concentrate on cleansing the areas that need it most, while the areas that perhaps lack hydration are given less cleansing, to not dry out the skin further. We were also happy to note that after one month of use, not only was our skin incredibly soft and less congested, the 2+ years the Fofo gave one of us as the initial skin reading, decreased to +0 years – now those are results we can get on board with. We also love the cute, compact size, which makes it easy to use and take traveling.” If you’re curious to find out more of the finer details about this cleansing facial massager, the Hudabeauty team does a great job of explaining their step by step experience. Check out everything you needed to know about the LUNA fofo.

“The skincare readings help by making me more aware of my water intake or if I'm not moisturizing properly.”

“The customized skincare cleanse is also ideal for me because the Foreo Luna Fofo does the work for me, it creates a gentle cleanse or a more throughout cleanse depending on my needs.  It also tells you your skin age, my skin age is my actual age 29, but when I've had too much caffeine, not enough water, and no proper skincare routine my skin age has jumped to 31... not great but makes you super aware!” “I personally love this because I'll take it easy on the caffeine or alcohol and I'll try to make sure I'm hydrated enough.” Vanessa from the United Glow is a beauty tool enthusiast who absolutely loved this cleansing facial massager. Why? Well, you can see for yourself in her FOREO LUNA fofo review. (Hint: it has something to do with pores). set of LUNA fofo brushes (in all colors)

“Most of the time, it told me my skin looked my age, but one time, I looked two years older than my actual age, and another time, I apparently looked two years younger.”

“My skin moisture level fluctuated from high, to normal, to low, and then to normal again, and I noticed that it could decipher when I was using my moisturizer and drinking more water (and less tequila) and when I wasn’t. “After each analysis, the Luna Fofo gives you a customized skincare routine, where it tells you for how long you should be applying the device onto specific areas of your face.” This review from Elite Daily tells us just what we can all love about this facial cleansing brush. Find out exactly what Daley has to say about the intelligent LUNA fofo device by FOREO.  

“Fofo creates a customized cleansing routine for your skin instead of a one-size-fits-all automatic regimen and is touted as a "smart beauty coach.”

“... if you're looking for a Silicon Valley take on facial cleansing devices, then the Fofo might just be your best bet. After using it every night for a week — and tracking the results on the app — my face felt less congested (save for one "purge" chin zit), and honestly, I'd be lying if I said I didn't look forward to the relaxing sensation of using it to rinse off my dirt, oil, and makeup.” For all you sensitive skin girls out there who can’t seem to find a face brush to suit your needs, Karina’s review of FOREO LUNA fofo for Allure is a worthy read.  

“You will get addicted to analyzing your skin with the fofo”

“Y’all – apparently I’ve been washing my face for way too long! LUNA fofo cleanses in 1 minute. After just one cleanse, I felt like my skin was a lot softer. The dry spots around my nose and cheeks had a smoother, even texture. I was excited to keep cleansing with it and analyzing my results!” Find out more about how Darcy from Daily Darcy liked this smart face massager and how it helped her with her biggest skin problems in her LUNA fofo review post.  
Need to see it to believe it? Check out the LUNA fofo in action in iamvanessa’s video review.

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