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The Dreaded Summer Workout Slump... And How To Get Over It

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After months of relaxing by the seaside, it’s impossible to force yourself back to the gym. Or is it?  For most of us, it’s starting to look like summer vacay is officially over. Gone are the days of carefree living and that gorgeous summer glow. Your return to reality might be met with some ugly truths: like you start to notice that you’ve been overindulging in drinks and seafood delicacies — a condition that there is only one known cure for; exercise. A lot of people (myself included), find it hard to get back into their usual workout routine, especially after spoiling yourself all summer, which is why we want to help make that transition just a little bit easier!  Without further ado, we’ve come up with a list of ways to motivate yourself to get back into the gym vibe:

BFF - best friend for fitness

Pros: Everything is better in pairs, so call up a friend and get moving! This strategy is great because it gives you a sense of obligation to each other once you agree on date, time, and location. You can use each other as motivation and even foster some healthy rivalry. Cons: Suddenly, every other activity looks ten times more enticing. Remember to stay strong and get that workout done. After that you can spend time with your friend however you like!    two friends laughing in the gym  

Slow and steady wins the race

Pros: Nobody said you had to go full intensity right the first time back from summer vacay. You can start small, like taking a walk around the block. This will get you mentally prepped to set aside time each day for a good exercise session. Cons: Starting small doesn’t mean get lazy. If you set out with something make sure you keep it up, and increase the difficulty as time goes by. Don’t do something one day and then use that as an excuse to be a couch potato the rest of the week.  

Take the road less travelled by

Pros: If you’re looking for an exciting new way to kick off your active lifestyle routine, why not try something you've never done before, like a fun dance class? You’ll get to meet new people and learn a few cool moves that you can show off later. Cons: The issue with group classes is that they aren’t catered to your individual needs. You might feel like you didn’t get to workout the areas that concern you... Which is just another excuse to get back at it! group zumba class    

Blame it on the boogie

Pros: Whether you choose to put in the work and create your own custom playlist, or just jam to a pre-existing one on spotify, you’ll still feel like you’re in your own music video, and 45 mins of cardio will feel like nothing. Cons: Don’t spend all your free time looking for cool new songs, and then realize you don’t have any time left for the actual exercise part!   girl with headphones pre workout

Get Dumped

Pros: For some reason, nothing fuels you quite like the burning desire to show off your revenge body. Cons: It’s upsetting.    

Life is a fashion show, and the gym is your runway

Pros: I love the confidence boost that comes in the form of a cute outfit or accessory. In fact, it doesn’t even have to be clothing related: a new water bottle could be enough to get you excited to workout.  Cons: Two things to keep in mind: don’t get carried away in your shopping spree, and don’t spend your whole time at the gym taking pictures, gushing over how cute you look in the mirror.  girl wearing orange sports bra and colourful workout tights    

Youtube, Youtube, on the wall, who's the fittest of them all?

Pros: There are so many great fitness enthusiasts sharing their wisdom through Youtube. You can learn new exercises, and discover their personal workout preferences, all the while fawning over their amazing figures, gained through hard work and perseverance.  Cons: The dangers of Youtube: you go to watch one quick clip and suddenly it’s 3AM and you're watching Buzzfeed explain why the Denver airport is the main headquarters for the world elite to perform gruesome rituals. The worst part is... you're actually starting to believe it.     Now that you’ve reached the end of this motivational list, and taken a look at all these wonderful new hacks to get back into exercising, you really have no excuse to put off your workout any longer. Get back in that gym and JUST. DO. IT.



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Bekah 03/05/2022

Yessss! I need to stay fit this summer and what better way than to go out and workout. Now I do not like the traditional workout session at the gym, but I do enjoy working out by taking a hike or something fun.

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jelena 04/05/2022

In reply to by Bekah


It is important that you have found something that makes you happy. Enjoy every step of your training journey. :)


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