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Introducing Jello Skin: Irresistably Bouncy Skin

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On the quest of researching various trends, one caught our eye - Jello skin. Why we liked it is because the bouncy trend is all about how skin feels, not just how it looks. 

Jello skin and TikTok

Trends coming from TikTok can be pretty exhausting. There is an entire list of things your skin should look like, such as a dolphin, a donut, a slug, glass, honey and an actual human baby. We understand those are just euphemisms that illustrate results, but honestly those trendy “skin goals” can be frustrating and sometimes even discouraging. But there is one that caught our eye and this actually could be one we can get behind. 

What is Jello skin?

Jello skin is plumped, hydrated and bouncy, just like the consistency of fresh Jello. It might be another fun-sounding skin care trend, but it has a main distinction from others. You might have heard about glazed skin (coming from glazed donut) and that refers to skin complexion. Jello skin on the other hand refers to supple, plump skin with elasticity that allows skin to bounce back due to the high levels of elastin (which will leave it resembling the perfect consistency of jello).

How did it all begin?

Just like so many other trends, jello skin is coming from Korea and it was coined by influencer Ava Lee. Later on, it erupted into a TikTok trend (what a surprise). The video showed Ava getting a facial. The esthetician is seen pinching her cheeks and remarking on their suppleness, elasticity and bounce saying:” It’s like the perfect consistency of Jello!”, he says. Almost immediately, the term took off and fellow creators, brands and experts all waded into the Jello skin discussion, swapping tips and tricks on how best to nail that coveted, jelly-like feel. https://www.tiktok.com/@glowwithava/video/7023933298179116294

It is about how our skin feels

Jello skin trend isn’t, just like any other, without its controversy. In the original video, the facialist is attributing the bounce effect to “perfect collagen levels” and that depends largely on genetics. But the thing is, the jello skin trend is largely about how skin feels as opposed to how it looks. Meaning, there are a lot of things on which we can only partially influence, such as hyperpigmentation or pore size. But if you think it through, how our skin feels is incredibly responsive to our behavior, our habits and actions we take such as nutrition, hydration, massage, etc.

Key factors behind Jello skin

Our research showed that the majority of the dermatologist community aligns on three factors behind plump, trampoline-ish bounce: collagen, elastin and water, as all of those molecules are essential to having skin and looks youthful. Over the years, as we know, sadly, we stop producing collagen, bounce is diminishing over the years and overall thinning of the skin can compromise the skin barrier leading to dehydration.

How to get Jello skin?

It is always about prevention beats cure, so what you need to do is to hang on to the collagen you already have by protecting it from the sun and environmental toxins. You know the drill, vitamin C, antioxidants, a robust SPF, retinoid, moisturizer, hyaluronic acid and regular exfoliation.

The secret of firmness & elasticity in just 1 week  

There is another thing you can do, next to topicals. Beauty-tech is offering a perfect addition to skincare products. If you are super limited with your time but are keen to achieve visible results, FOREO BEAR™ might just be exactly what you need. It is the world's first FDA-cleared medical microcurrent device with Anti-Shock System™. BEAR™ clinically proven to improve wrinkles, fine lines, skin fitness & elasticity in just one week!

Collagen boosting 

Collagen boosting can be provided by FAQ™202 LED Face Mask. Unlike other LED masks which only beam light on a few specific points on the face, FAQ™ LED masks spread light evenly across your skin via 600 optimized points of light. Coupled with the flexi-fit aspect, this ensures that the LED wavelengths penetrate each millimeter of the skin – delivering the same effective treatment to all areas at the same time, no matter what your face shape.

The FAQ™ 200 Collection

For those who believe in the value of the finer things in life, the collectors of exquisite skin-tech as high-impact investments into the future, the FAQ™ 200 device range comes as a comprehensive, holistic routine to quickly firm, rejuvenate, and repair the face, neck, décolleté, and hands. An ultra-lightweight, wireless, and ergonomic anti-aging silicone mask collection with 7 + NIR LED treatments targets the most common signs of skin aging and also includes FAQ™ 221 Anti-Aging LED Hand Mask and FAQ™ 211 Anti-Aging LED Neck & Décolleté Mask.


The open-palm FAQ™ 221 Anti-Aging LED Hand Mask is designed to rejuvenate and restore the youthful appearance of hands that are frequently exposed to the sun and environmental damage.

FAQ™ 211 Anti-Aging LED Neck & Décolleté Mask is a dual-wear LED mask - that can be worn the opposite way to target wrinkles or bacne on the back of the neck, neck, and upper back.

What else is there to say?

There is plenty we can do in order to achieve Jello skin. Next to taking care of strategically important things, such as nutrition, enough water, getting a good daily sweat and sleeping on your back! If you don’t manage to live by a set of rules there are ways to achieve to get there. We made sure of that.  



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Daniela 09/06/2023

I have Bear and it is very effective. My skin is really more elastic than before and wrinkles are less visible

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erika 09/06/2023

In reply to by Daniela


Hi Daniela,

Thank you for sharing your experience with our FOREO BEAR™. :)
We are happy to hear that you are satisfied with the results after including our BEAR ™ in your facial care routine.

Keep using it often, for even greater results!

Have a lovely day.

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Marwa 09/06/2023

Wow, this TikTok skincare trend is totally new to me, but it sounds interesting


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