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LUNA™ 3 vs LUNA™ 4: What's the Difference

FOREO LUNA 3 and LUNA 4 devices on a chess table

Since the iconic LUNA™ swept the skincare enthusiasts off their feet with its first appearance ten years ago, a lot has happened - the world's first ultra-hygienic silicone cleansing brush kept getting better with each generation, evolving into a not only 99% effective face cleanser, but also a massager that firms and depuffs your face. Many of you are wondering what sets LUNA™ 4 apart from its predecessors. While we firmly believe and stand behind all our devices (the first "LUNAtics" that brought LUNA™ ten years ago report still using them!), the newest generation has its fair share of advantages.  


While LUNA™ 3 already had terrific features such as a big brush head, soft silicone touchpoints, long battery life, app-navigated treatments, T-Sonic™ pulsations with 16 intensity levels, and firming massage treatments, LUNA™ 4 stepped up its game. 


The Most Perfectly Customizable Device

For the first time, our LUNA™ 4 offers customizable cleansing modes: aside from Regular Cleanse Mode, you can now adjust your settings to Gentle and Deep Cleanse modes to fully customize your cleansing routine. This means that not only can you customize your cleanse based on skin type, but you can also adjust the device to your skin’s more specific requirements - depending on the day, season, or even skin area. Customize each mode further by selecting the intensity that works best for you on the FOREO app.  


Professionally Tailored Massages

In addition to the app-guided targeted massage routines from LUNA™ 3, LUNA™ 4 now also features four different massage patterns for you to choose from — for eyes, mouth, cheek, and neck contour. And if you prefer not to use the app each time you use the device, you don't have to! Just set your preferences one time and access your chosen massage patterns at the press of a button.  


Insane Battery Life

You can use your LUNA™ 4 up to 600 uses per charge, which translates into about a year and a half of daily cleansing without the need to recharge. Mind-blowing, right?  


Why Do You Need It?

You don't - if you think you can wash four kilos of dirt and dead skin cells that accumulate over a year off your face with your bare hands. LUNA™ 4 is clinically proven to remove 99% of dirt, oil, and makeup residue from the skin after just one use. And just for our MYSA readers, this Mother's Day we're treating you with 30% off on all FOREO products with the code MOM30. The promotion is valid until June 3, 2024.



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Susanne 20/10/2023

I have a Luna 4 and I am very satisfied with the quality and effectiveness.Excellent device

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dora 23/10/2023

In reply to by Susanne


Hi dear Susanne,
thank you for sharing your amazing experience with our LUNA™ 4! We tried our best to make it exquisite! :)

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Eliana Eliana … 18/12/2023

bom demais


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