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Beat the Heat: 6 Best Products for Heat-Free Hair This Summer

Because your hair deserves a vacation too. Here at MYSA, we’ve put our hair through the ringer - chemical straighteners and beer rinses and DIY dye jobs and more than a few daring hair experiments. And just like you should get to a beach for some R&R every once in a while, it’s important to give your hair a break from the damaging effects of hot tools and live a heat-free hair lifestyle for a bit. Or, if you’re like me, for good. Now that I’ve ousted dangerous chemicals in my makeup bag and found the ultimate all-natural deodorant, I turned my full attention to the almost-curly-but-not-quite mess atop my head. Typically, I’d wash and blow dry, then use a straightener on my bangs and any weird kinky spots, then use a curling iron all over in an attempt to look like an adult lady. It’s a process, and a damaging one at that. So, I scoured the earth (or, who are we kidding, Amazon) to find the best wash-and-wear products out there to make my heat-free hair dreams a reality. The most challenging part of going heat-free is figuring out how to tame frizz. And the secret to smooth, heat-free hair is all in the way you dry it. Regular terrycloth bath towels make frizz and split ends worse, so grab a microfiber towel like this one from DevaCurl for a quick towel-dry without the frizz. Once you’ve got your strands nice and damp, it’s time for product. First, I spray It’s a 10 leave-in conditioner throughout my hair and comb through just to make sure everything is well-hydrated to prevent frizz. If you have thicker, coarser hair, try Living Proof No Frizz Nourishing Oil to keep hair looking shiny and smooth. On those days when I’m already 10 minutes late and haven’t even showered, Air Dry Foam from the queens of lazy-girl hair over at The Ouai is my saving grace. I just work it through damp hair and let it do its thing while I make my morning commute. Salt spray, a vital tool in the heat-free hair repertoire, is as personal a choice as it gets in the beauty world. But, I like Original & Mineral Surf Bomb whenever I’m in a beachy-waves kinda mood - I’ll put my damp hair in a braid (tres chic) and spritz all over. Once it dries, I undo the braid and zhuzh to my liking. If I have the wherewithal to plan a heat-free hairstyle the night before, I’ll prep with Shu Uemura Wonder Worker and secure it in buns with bobby pins before I go to sleep. When I wake up, I’ve got soft waves without ever having touched a curling iron.   What are your top picks for going heat-free? Share in the comments below!



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Monica Prasanth 26/07/2022

Nice Blog! Thanks for sharing the information and for the amazing recommendation. I like the post.

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erika 26/07/2022

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