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A Day In The Life Of… A GP and Aesthetics Doctor

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Do you remember when you decided that you wanted to become a doctor? If so, explain in your own words.

Yes! It was quite late on in the UCAS application process. I had always been great at economics and naturally decided to apply for that. My grandfather got diagnosed with Alzheimers and I found myself fascinated by the science behind the diagnosis and also visibly noted the empathy and input doctors had in his care. It changed something within me and led me to want to study medicine. The careers tutor at school thought I had lost my mind and told me my chances of applying and getting in were very slim. Don’t let anyone put you off your dreams; it was challenging but I managed to secure a place and here I am today!

What type of education did you have to undertake in order to become a doctor?

You have to have great GCSE and A-Level results, this is simply because the bar is high and there are so many applications. Universities use academic results to score you for entry and so it is worth focusing on these exams if you want to enter a competitive course like medicine. I went on to complete my MBBS and also completed a second degree (BSC) in Medical Education. I have always been passionate about teaching and sharing knowledge. Having a qualification in education allows me to make this a consistent part of my career!

In your early career, how different was your daily routine and tasks in comparison to now?

As a junior there was no flexibility or choice to plan my day. Junior doctors are given a rota which includes weekends/bank holidays and you have to follow it. Often this meant compromising on self-care, family time and time with friends. Now I am able to plan my days/weeks to not only vary my work and to focus on parts of my career that I enjoy but also to ensure that I am able to see my family and spend precious time with my toddler!

Give us some insight into what your current morning routine looks like? 

My morning routine can be a bit hectic with trying to get my toddler out the door for nursery and ensuring we are running on time for me to get to my morning clinic. However, I am a huge believer in self-care. I will always make time for a quick skincare routine in the morning. I cleanse using my LUNA 4 device and a gel cleanser and then move on to my morning serums and of course SPF. Taking 5 mins to myself in the morning really sets me up for the day and gets me into a positive mindset!

Describe what a typical day looks like for you when you are at The Facebible clinic 

My week is split up between NHS GP clinics and Facebible Clinics. I also have health content creation and media days. Usually my clinic at the Facebible is fully booked and so it’s straight into the clinic when I get in. My Front of House Manager, Terri, usually has my morning coffee ready and off we go! The day is split between skin, aesthetic and health appointments. I love the variety!

Tell us what your current, favorite treatment/piece of tech is at the clinic and why?

Current favorite treatment in the clinic is Morpheus 8 – radiofrequency microneedling. Great for resurfacing and tightening skin – we have had some amazing results! My favorite retail (take-home) device would be the UFO2 – love that it can give you a 360 facial in the comfort of your home! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IN_bDjA9K20

Since you started your career, how has the aesthetics industry changed? 

The aesthetics industry is fast-paced. There are new techniques, devices, and products being churned out annually and it is so important to keep up to date with what’s hot on the market but also, more importantly, what actually gives lasting great results! For me, the industry needs more regulation and we have seen some change towards this with the minimum age introduction but I still think there is a long way to go yet to ensure safe and ethical aesthetic practice in the UK.

What is one of the most common concerns or questions your patients always ask you? 

How to get “glass skin” and how to treat lower face laxity. These are very popular questions!

Describe who your role model is and why?

I am inspired by many successful women in health care and aesthetics. The ability to juggle their lives as working mums, successful business women and empathetic health professionals always strikes me. This is what I also strive for. A great passion of mine is the philanthropic work that I do, and I truly believe that we are defined by our actions, the kindness we can show others and the difference that we can make to the world of those less fortunate than us. If I had to name role models they would include the likes of Beyonce, Late Princess Diana, Michelle Obama and Dame Lesley Reagan to name a few.

How do you like to incorporate FOREO into your own skincare routine? 

My skincare routine is incomplete without FOREO. I start my routine with the LUNA 4 device to ensure my skin is cleansed effectively. I use the UFO 2 device with a hydrating smart tech mask twice a week to rejuvenate my skin. I also suffer from puffy tired eyes and will use my IRIS 2 device most evenings to help alleviate the puffiness. FOREO is a market leader, always innovating and producing devices that are a game changer. 

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