Maybe it’s not February or Valentine’s Day, but love can still be in the air, right? Instead of planning a romantic night out with your special someone this holiday season, we have an abundance of reasons to stay in and avoid the freezing cold temperatures (not that it will take too much convincing!).

Set aside a special night to pamper yourself and your partner and indulge in some much-needed TLC. Here’s everything you need to do to have the ultimate at-home spa date.

1. Set The Mood

No spa night would be complete without the perfect scented aroma in the air. Choose your favorite scented candle or incense and get the evening started on a high note. You can also make the most of your date night by turning off your cell phones and living in the moment. Nothing is more of a buzzkill than your phone going off constantly or your mom calling to check in. Trust us!

2. Give Each Other a Rub Down

Nothing says true love like giving your partner a soothing body massage. Gather your favorite scented oils and body lotions and practice giving each other a relaxing body massage for fifteen minutes. Not only will your skin feel hydrated and smell better, but your mind will also be at ease.

3. Mask Your Way To Glowing Skin

If they’ve already agreed to a spa night, chances are your partner will also be open to trying a face mask treatment.  UFO 2 only takes 90 seconds – meaning you can get your mask on and still have time to squeeze in a romantic movie. However, if you’re looking to unleash your creative side together, you can always take the DIY route and make your own mask formulas!

4. Exfoliate Together, Stay Together

Open up your pores together in a steamy shower and lather up! Instead of a romantic bath, cleanse and exfoliate your skin with LUNA and LUNA for Men (for the perfect pre-shave exfoliation), and scrub freshly scented body wash along your body. To top it off, give each other a three-minute scalp massage with the shampoo of your choice.  If you get up to anything else, be careful it’s slippery in there….

5. Indulge in Snacks That Are Good for Your Skin & Your Body

Chowing down sumptuous amounts of chocolate on a date night is so cliché. Elevate your spa date night by opting for some healthy snacks that will pair perfectly with your beauty-themed evenings such as fresh guacamole, baked kale chips, or even a nice fresh fruit salad.

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